Thursday, 19 August 2010

Life Changing Products

OK so the title of this post is a little over dramatic but let's just stick with it for the time being.
As beauty bloggers we're all beauty product obsessed and if pressed for information regarding our favourite blush, foundation, shampoo, lippy...the list goes on and on...we probably wouldn't be able to pick one definitive product due to loving too many of them.
But among all those beauty finds of ours, we always come across a product or two that change our lives or should I say beauty routines for the better...a product that you'd never ever dream about changing for another and one that you just wouldn't be able to do without.

Here are three of mine:

My Braun Epilator
Yes, yes I know - epilators hurt! ... but be brave, prevail, persevere and you'll soon get used to the pain. The first time I used mine I did have tears in my eyes and I did grind my teeth but believe it or not these days I'm able to epilate my legs and armpits without even so much of a flinch. Not a week goes by (at times not even a day) when I don't declare my love for my epilator. Since using it for the first time, I have only had to use it for about a total of 10 minutes if not less, to epilate a couple of stray hairs here and there. Mind you, I did have to shave DAILY prior to getting an epilator so this little gem from Braun has been a godsend. I'll never ever have to resort back to the daily chore of shaving and I am currently a hair free zone all the time!

You can read my review of this epilator here.

My GHD's
This is another one of those beauty finds that's for keeps and once you've tried it you'll probably never want to experiment with any other brand again.
These REALLY do live up to the hype that surrounds them and are SENSATIONAL!!!
GHD's turn my unruly hair into a manageable wonder and if I want poker straight then these always excel at the job.

Here's the review.

My Pleasures
You're probably wondering why the heck a perfume has made my list of "life changing" products so let me explain. You see the thing is that I can't wear around 98% of perfumes out there as the very vast majority of them make me feel nauseous and trigger horrible migraines. Sometimes all it takes is a sniff to send me off into a migraine hell.
Then in 1995, Estee Lauder created Pleasures. I remember all too well seeing the ad for it in a glossy magazine. A magnificent field of flowers, the stunning Elizabeth Hurley and adorable Labrador puppies. Then I took a sniff and it was love at first sight:) Not only was it a scent I adored but also one that my senses could tolerate as it didn't bring on the dreaded migraine!
I've been using this one for years and it's for keeps. A soft, sheer and fresh floral scent that's uber feminine.

What beauty finds would you dare never to replace?

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