Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ghd IV salon stylers

I've been the proud owner of the ghd wide plate salon styler for over a month now. After much deliberation and reading up countless of reviews I knew that the time had come to give them a go. I did feel quite guilty as they come with a high price tag but I can now let out a sigh of relief and blissfully state that they really do live up to all the hype surrounding them.

I have long, thick hair that tends to be quite unruly and all my previous straighteners have never managed to get them straight even when straightening a section of hair a couple of times.
It's a whole different story with the ghd's - one stroke per section of hair is all it takes to get poker straight and very manageable locks. Basically you're getting salon results in the comfort of your own home - can't beat that. In addition to this, my hair still stays very straight, soft and manageable the following day.

Prior to ghd use:  After ghd use:

The salon wide plate stylers are perfect for thick, coarse and afro hair.

These stylers heat up very quickly and get extremely hot. They can also be used for creating loose curls however I haven't mastered this just yet and always seem to make a downright mess of my hair when attempting to create beautiful curls.

For those of you who're contemplating getting a pair of these I really cannot recommend them highly enough. Believe me when I tell you that you'll be hooked.

The official ghd website is They have a section on it called 'Beware of Fakes' and if buying online you can use their website checker to find out whether or not a particular online retailer sells genuine ghd's. Apparently there are a lot of fakes out there that are practically indistinguishable from the real thing. If an offer seems too good to be true then it probably is. When I was searching for mine I came across a couple of online retailers that were offering very good deals and discounts on stylers but whenever I checked them using the official website's checker it turned out that they were unknown retailers and warned me against buying from them.
Genuine stylers can also be purchased from Amazon: 

Last but not least - always remember to use a heat protecting product prior to using any sort of straighteners and stylers.
Here are some technical features of these stylers:

  • Advanced Ceramic Heaters for a static free sheen
  • New sleep mode safely turns the heaters off if left unattended for 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage so you can take them along when travelling
  • Internal condensation can damage stylers so when the room temperature is below 8deg.C the styler will shut down to protect itself until the temperature rises again
  • Swivel cord attachment helps stop the cord from becoming twisted
  • Floating plates in ghd ensures even pressure distribution
  • You can be confident you have purchased a genuine ghd product by a hologram sticker - you can confirm authenticity of the hologram on ghd's website once the product has been delivered


    1. Hi Agatha, great review. I have thin, wavy and unruly hair which I normally blow-dry to make it look more straight (or do you say "straigher" in English) and tidier. Do you think that in my case the GHD would be a good option? What heat protecting product do you recommend? Thanks :)

    2. I think that they would be a good option for sure- I've found that the ghd's make my thick hair smoother and more manageable which I haven't been able to achieve with other stylers. My personal opinion is that the ghd's are the best. However, if you have thin hair then I wouldn't buy the wide plate styler but a model more suited for thin/fine hair - you'll find more info on their official website. Amazon also sells them - the authentic ones and you'll find lots of reviews on the amazon website.
      Momentarily I'm using a ghd heat protecting spray, previously I used ones from Avon, Tresseme, etc. In general just experiment with the sprays to see which one you like - the most important is that you use one. I don't have any regrets about getting ghd straighteners and if they were ever to break I would still definitely repurchase.
      Where are you from Bianca?

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