Thursday, 15 July 2010

Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry Body & Face Rechargeable Epilator

There are plenty of products on the market out there that make shaving a rather pleasurable experience. For a longer while I was incredibly impressed with the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor as it turned shaving into something more pleasant than just a daily chore. 
However the problem for me personally lies in the fact that I really do need to shave on a daily basis - I feel as if the moment I step out of the bath or shower, the stubble just starts appearing all over again. 
I like the results of waxing and even considered buying a wax pot so that I could wax at home but the prospect of growing my hair for a period of at least 4 weeks was indeed a daunting one. 
In addition to this, waxing was just too time consuming and messy for my liking. 

Then I started hearing more and more about Braun's Silk-epil Wet & Dry epilator, and after reading countless of reviews I decided to give it a go especially when it was reduced from around £130 to just a bit over £80. 

Buying this epilator has probably been one of my best beauty purchases ever. In fact I can honestly say that I will most probably never go near another razor again. Gone are the days of daily shaving!!! I don't think that a day goes by without me mentioning how happy I am to have an epilator in my life. 

There is a down side to epilating though - pain. The amount of pain you feel will depend on the length of your hair, your pain threshold and the sensitivity of your skin. I'd suggest you shave first and then wait a day of two before you begin your first epilating session. 
It does get better the more often you do it. Once you've got the first epilating session over and done with, repeat treatments will be less painful as you'll be pulling far fewer hairs. I barely feel anything these days when epilating my legs, the underarm area has got easier to epilate as well but I still haven't been able to get through epilating my whole bikini area in one go. Any advice anyone? Would a numbing gel work?:)
I'd also suggest using lots of short and quick strokes during your first attempts at epilating sensitive areas such as the underarms. Also remember to keep the skin taut while using the epilator. 

Looking after the skin following epilation is important. You'll need to exfoliate often to avoid ingrown hairs and moisturise daily. I have not had any problems with ingrown hair. 

Also remember to epilate at least 24 hours before exposing the epilated areas of your body as you will need to allow time for any redness and irritation to go down. 
I like to apply a soothing lotion following epilation and use this organic Aloe Vera Gel: 

This Braun epilator is incredibly effective, quick and simple to use. Following my first epilating session  I've only needed to remove the few odd hairs here and there every 10 days or so. 
This has really reduced my time spent in the bath and shower...and not only can you epilate while in the bath or shower but you can now do it while watching TV!

Cleaning the epilator is quick and easy. You simply remove the attachments and run the epilating head as well as the cap under water. 
Another thing I love about this epilator is the Smartlight which actually works really well and shows up the hairs making sure that you don't miss any. 

If you're contemplating getting one of these then I'd say to go for it - this is the way forward for all those who are sick and tired of having to shave often or just can't be bothered to wait for their hair to grow in between waxing treatments. 


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  3. I have an old braun epilator but this seems to have more epilating disks which would probably cut down on time. I will have to upgrade mine soon.

  4. I have just invested in one of these and am a bit confused about the wet bit and the power bit. If you can use it wet, surely the bit where the power cable gets plugged in to charge it should have some sort of cover over it to potect it from water when in 'wet' use? Did yours come with something like this, and mine is missing it, or am I just being overly cautious...?

  5. I'm considering buying one, but I wonder if all the caps for the silk epil 7 epilators fits on all the epilators (the silk epil 7 ones)? Have you heard anything about that?

    Best regards, Meei