Saturday, 31 July 2010

InStyle Mag + Freebie Alert

Don't you just love those deals where you buy a magazine and get a freebie product along with it...I popped into my local grocers today and while grabbing this week's issue of Look magazine I noticed that September's issue of InStyle magazine with the stunning Rachel Bilson on the cover, was giving away The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stains - one per magazine of course. Colours available are: Rose Pink & Bronze Glimmer.
 These retail for £9.50 but will only cost you £3.60 each when you purchase the magazine.
I picked the Bronze Glimmer stain as the Pink Rose looked a very dark cherry colour.
 Also I'm a bit wary of stains as most of them tend to feel a bit weird on the lips and can be quite drying. I applied this one about 2 hours ago and so far so good as my lips don't feel dry or heavy.
So if you wanna give these a go at a fraction of their original price then keep a lookout for September's issue of InStyle magazine.
Hope you have a good Saturday - I'm off to do what I normally do on a Saturday evening and that's dvd watching.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Nude Lips - E.L.F Style

So I've made another small purchase from E.l.f (EyesLipsFace) and am absolutely delighted with the three items that I got from the mineral range - a lip liner in the shade Peachy and two lipsticks - Natural Nymph and Runway Pink.

I love a nude lip...and if you do as well then you'd definitely fall in love with Natural Nymph & Runway Pink. Costing just £3.50 each, not only are these lipsticks a great bargain but they are very easily comparable to higher end lipsticks out there.

Natural Nymph is a true nude - think of a concealer type nude shade but with a bit more of a sheen - not everyone's cup of tea but it surely is mine and that's why I'm so excited.
Runway Pink is definitely a shade that I'll never ever be able to do without. It's a light baby pink nude so if you like a nude lip but don't like the look of an 'erased lip' then you surely will love Runway Pink as it just adds that bit of candy pink to your pout.
Left to Right: Lip liner in Peachy, Runway Pink, Natural Nymph

I find the formula of these to be pigmented and rich, they go on smooth and have good lasting power. I only find myself having to reapply once I've had something to eat or drink.
The colours have a slight sheen to them but are mostly matte.

The colours are not buildable though so one layer is more than enough - I've found that the more you tend to pack the colour on then it just starts to look uneven and will settle into the lines of your lips.

Although E.l.f states that these lipsticks will keep your lips hydrated due to their moisturising formula, I don't tend to find them hydrating at all but they also don't dry my lips out either - I have however heard a couple of persons mention that they've found these to be very drying on the lips - this has not been the case with me.

Top Tip for great looking lips: Exfoliate your lips often or even daily - it's easy to do - you can exfoliate them with your toothbrush by gently rubbing the bristles over them or make your own yummy scrub with honey and sugar for example. Always moisturise with vaseline or a lip balm after.
Apply lipstick with a lip brush instead of straight from the bullet. This helps for more of an even application and works the lipstick into the lips, giving it longer staying power.

The lip liner in Peachy is such a gorgeous peach colour. It's smooth and very easy to apply - no tugging at the skin and I've also been wearing it all over my lips as a lipstick - LOVE it!
What have you tried from E.l.f's mineral line?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

LUSH BIG Shampoo & current hair products

A review of Lush Big Shampoo has been LONG overdue on my part which is weird actually considering how much I actually love the stuff.

The shampoo comes in a tub - sort of like an ice-cream tub - but the contents don't look too appetising. The key ingredients are sea salt, seaweed and lime.
Big is both a clarifying as well as a volumising shampoo so if you're after squeaky clean hair that's full of life and bounce then be sure to give it a go and you'll never look back.
The scent is incredibly refreshing and kind of reminds me a little bit of cucumbers.

At first I was a little scared that I'd have a very difficult time trying to rid my hair of all the salt but luckily that wasn't the case at all because the salt dissolves as you're massaging the shampoo into your hair and produces the most amazingly rich lather.

I try to refrain from using it on a daily basis (it's very hard not to) because it is a clarifying shampoo and can leave your hair feeling a bit stripped or dry if used too often. It's also advisable to use a conditioner afterwards but I don't tend to use one as I really love smelling the lingering freshness of Big in my hair following application.

I will forever continue to repurchase Big Shampoo as it's the best shampoo that I have ever used and my partner couldn't agree more. It's a pleasure to use and leaves the hair feeling squeaky clean, fresh, shiny and full of bounce. I LOVE BIG!!!

I like to alternate Big with something moisturising such as The Body Shop's Banana Shampoo and Conditioner which smell really yummy and good enough to drink - like ripe bananas or a banana milkshake. This Banana Shampoo and Conditioner do a great job of making my hair feel MEGA soft!

I have also recently tried out the American Cream Conditioner from Lush.
 American Cream is a fruity, creamy conditioner with the scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges.
When I first smelled it my initial reaction was that I had made a mistake of buying it as I had found the scent to be a bit too strong for me and was worried that it would land up bringing on a migraine as that's what normally happens to me with very overly sweet and over-powering scents.

That all changed however, whenever I applied it to the hair and thought that it actually smelled deliciously. The smell is very lingering though so you will find that you're be able to smell it right up to your next wash and you'll also be able to smell it on your pillows. This is a bit too much for me as it does smell quite sweet and it does get a little bit nauseating for me personally after a while. I made the mistake of buying this one online and I would recommend that you smell it prior to buying as it's a scent that you'll need to love cause you'll have to put up with it right up to your next wash.

In terms of it's conditioning properties it works a treat. It really adds softness to the hair, making it very manageable, tangle free and thus easy to brush.

I still haven't used Curly Wurly Shampoo and it's surely going to be my next purchase from LUSH.
Is Curly Wurly just as great as Big?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Eyes Lips Face Mini Haul

Believe it or not this happens to be my very first purchase of E.L.F products. I think that up to now I have dismissed the brand partly due to the pricing, assuming that such a purse friendly brand would probably not be able to deliver anything special or that the pigmentation just wouldn't be up to par.

Despite the low prices, I decided to play it safe and only placed a tiny order just so that I could get the idea of what E.L.F products are all about.

Here's what I got:

E.L.F All over Colour Stick in Golden Peach
Golden Peach is a lovely colour but a bit too light to act as a blush on my presently fake tanned complexion - on my cheeks it looks a bit like a sparkly mess and I don't like the look and feel of it on my lips. I do think that it makes a pretty highlighter though. I still want to give Pink Lemonade a go as it looks a bit more rich in colour.

E.L.F Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Butter Pecan
These are two very creamy shades - peachy & bronze. I think that they'll work as an eyeshadow base and I can't wait to use the peachy colour as a highlight or even a blush.

E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
I'm really liking this one and already planning to get another one as backup because I see myself wearing it on a daily basis. It's a soft peachy/apricot blush and I've had it on all day today without needing to touch up. I feel that a soft peach blush is great at livening up the complexion.
I wouldn't recommend this one for darker skin types as it probably wouldn't show up and just end up looking chalky.

E.L.F Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
It's incredibly creamy, smudges easily upon application but stays put once dried. This is a dark brown shade without any shimmer to it and I used it today for defining my eyebrows.

Well I'm definitely eager to try out a couple of more items such as the Pink Lemonade All over colour stick, the studio blush in Candid Coral and a lipstick or two from the mineral range.

What are your E.L.F favourites and recommendations?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Fellow Blogger's Giveaway


One of my lovely followers is having a giveaway of Everyday Minerals make-up. To find out more about these products and for a chance to receive some goodies please follow the link below:

Everyday Minerals Giveaway

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry Body & Face Rechargeable Epilator

There are plenty of products on the market out there that make shaving a rather pleasurable experience. For a longer while I was incredibly impressed with the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor as it turned shaving into something more pleasant than just a daily chore. 
However the problem for me personally lies in the fact that I really do need to shave on a daily basis - I feel as if the moment I step out of the bath or shower, the stubble just starts appearing all over again. 
I like the results of waxing and even considered buying a wax pot so that I could wax at home but the prospect of growing my hair for a period of at least 4 weeks was indeed a daunting one. 
In addition to this, waxing was just too time consuming and messy for my liking. 

Then I started hearing more and more about Braun's Silk-epil Wet & Dry epilator, and after reading countless of reviews I decided to give it a go especially when it was reduced from around £130 to just a bit over £80. 

Buying this epilator has probably been one of my best beauty purchases ever. In fact I can honestly say that I will most probably never go near another razor again. Gone are the days of daily shaving!!! I don't think that a day goes by without me mentioning how happy I am to have an epilator in my life. 

There is a down side to epilating though - pain. The amount of pain you feel will depend on the length of your hair, your pain threshold and the sensitivity of your skin. I'd suggest you shave first and then wait a day of two before you begin your first epilating session. 
It does get better the more often you do it. Once you've got the first epilating session over and done with, repeat treatments will be less painful as you'll be pulling far fewer hairs. I barely feel anything these days when epilating my legs, the underarm area has got easier to epilate as well but I still haven't been able to get through epilating my whole bikini area in one go. Any advice anyone? Would a numbing gel work?:)
I'd also suggest using lots of short and quick strokes during your first attempts at epilating sensitive areas such as the underarms. Also remember to keep the skin taut while using the epilator. 

Looking after the skin following epilation is important. You'll need to exfoliate often to avoid ingrown hairs and moisturise daily. I have not had any problems with ingrown hair. 

Also remember to epilate at least 24 hours before exposing the epilated areas of your body as you will need to allow time for any redness and irritation to go down. 
I like to apply a soothing lotion following epilation and use this organic Aloe Vera Gel: 

This Braun epilator is incredibly effective, quick and simple to use. Following my first epilating session  I've only needed to remove the few odd hairs here and there every 10 days or so. 
This has really reduced my time spent in the bath and shower...and not only can you epilate while in the bath or shower but you can now do it while watching TV!

Cleaning the epilator is quick and easy. You simply remove the attachments and run the epilating head as well as the cap under water. 
Another thing I love about this epilator is the Smartlight which actually works really well and shows up the hairs making sure that you don't miss any. 

If you're contemplating getting one of these then I'd say to go for it - this is the way forward for all those who are sick and tired of having to shave often or just can't be bothered to wait for their hair to grow in between waxing treatments. 

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Baby Blue Nails

I've gone all summery with my nail polish and am currently wearing Avon Nailwear Pro Enamel in Vintage Blue.

Nailwear Pro's formula contains diamond dust and acrylic known for its strengthening and protective properties that leave the nails with a high-gloss finish.

The first coat goes on a little streaky but a second coat evens out the colour and is all that's needed. The enamel dries quickly, providing an intense colour and a glossy shine.

The staying power of this enamel is pretty good - when used with a base and top coat you'll be able to get about a week's wear out of it and much longer on the toes.
Wearing rubber gloves for all housework still applies:)

Vintage Blue is a very sweet and girly pastel baby blue shade - so summery!
 Do you like?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel

Ben Nye never disappoints - it always offers high quality products at very reasonable prices - so it's no surprise that this is a brand that's been a favourite with both TV and theatrical make-up artists worldwide.
Ben Nye also offers a lot of very handy palettes that come in the form of a wheel - these are very practical and versatile.
I already own the fabulous Creme Rouge Wheel and just got the gorgeous Fireworks Fantasy Wheel from my sister a couple of days ago - thx sis!
The wheel contains 6 elegant and luminescent cremes for the eyes, cheeks and lips.
The colours are: pearl/white, gold, silver, copper, bronze and rose. All six shades are very vibrant, pigmented and metallic. They go on very smoothly due to the creamy consistency.
These shades can be used alone or as an eyeshadow base. The rose colour looks great as a lipstick and blush; the gold and pearl shade are brilliant for highlighting.

I also wore the gold, copper and bronze on my eyelids, with the pearl shade on the inner corners of the eyes. The rose colour on the lips:
As you can see the wheel is subtle enough to be used for every day make-up looks.

If wearing these alone on the eyelids you will need to apply a thin layer in order to avoid creasing, which will then need to be set with a light dusting of translucent powder.
The wheel is great for adding a lovely glow to the skin and creating a very subtle sun-kissed look. It's also fantastic for quick make-up on the go as you can do your entire face with this handy gem.

Do you use any Ben Nye wheels?

Friday, 9 July 2010

Bath and Shower Indulgence

Yesterday and today I indulged in some LUSH.
Fabulous...that probably sums it up best.

So let me tell you what I used.

I popped in this You've Been Magoed melt into the bath last night.

I put in the whole bar. It melted quite quickly and engulfed the whole bathroom in its citric scent. It didn't really smell like mango all that much but fruity nonetheless. It made the water feel super soft and silky, with the scent lingering on through the entire bathing session.
It softened, moisturised and scented my skin. There's actually no need for any moisturiser following a bath in this melt as it leaves the skin feeling very soft and creamy.

Today I indulged yet again! In the shower. I used this Too Drunk emotibomb.

You're meant to pop this into the shower when you've got a hangover. Although I don't have a hangover I wanted to try this anyway as I will probably never have a hangover cause I can't stand the taste of alcohol and never drink.
This emotibomb is a great pick-me-up and really helps clear a stuffy nose (I suffer with bad hayfever). I really love this shower bomb - it smells so minty. Unfortunately the scent doesn't linger and disappears once the emotibomb has melted.
But it's still worth it.

I also used Honey I Washed the Kids soap:
Smells delicious - like toffees. It's incredibly creamy and I even used it on my face and I never bring a soap near my face. It got my make-up off and surprisingly did not leave my skin feeling tight. However I'll treat using it on my face as a one off thing. The honey comb on top fell off immediately so I had two soaps to use - the honey comb lathers up beautifully and can act as a gentle exfoliator.
You will need to refrain from eating this one and I really can't get over the creaminess of it - it's like butter!

What LUSH goodies have you indulged in lately?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Make-up Artist Must Haves

Ever wonder what make-up brands all the big pro's out there like to work with?
I bet you do!

The market is saturated with millions and millions of beauty products and it can be quite overwhelming to find what really works. Not only is it confusing for the average consumer but it can also be a nightmare for make-up artists who are just starting out and need to build their kits. 
When I was still in the beginning stages of building my kit I did a lot research into the sort of brands that make-up artists liked working with - you know...the tried and tested products out there. 
I stumbled upon a website by the very talented and generous Emmy award winning make-up artist KJ Bennett whom together with other great artists out there compiled a list of all their tried and tested make-up must haves. 

It's quite a popular site so being the beauty lovers that you are, you've probably already stumbled upon it but I'll post a link to it for all those who aren't familiar with this fantastic and incredibly helpful beauty product resource. 
Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do and remember to bookmark it:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-bathed look. Wear it on its own, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favourite CHANEL foundation.

Ever since I purchased this bronzer, which was about a month ago, I have been using it daily and will not be parting with it...ever!
The bronzer is a cream/gel formula which is quite similar to a mousse but much thicker and creamier. It is a gorgeous caramel colour that is matte and has a very buildable texture.
It works well not only as a bronzer but also a blush or contouring product, adding a very natural looking warmth and sun-kissed glow to the face.
I've found that the best way to apply it is with either a kabuki, blusher or buffing brush. I like using MAC's buffing brush and simply swirl it lightly in the product and then buff it into the skin very gently using light circular motions.

The colour is very buildable so it's possible to have either a very sheer veil of colour or something a bit more pronounced.
It blends beautifully into the skin and does not sit on top of it the way most powders do, which in turn results in much more of a natural looking and believable sun-kissed glow.

...and on the cheeks as a blush/contour:
Although it is pricey (£28), the pot contains a lot of product and is bound to last a very long time, especially taking into account the fact that you really don't need all that much to attain a naturally tanned appearance.

Last but not least - it smells divine - very yummy and fruity.

Have you used it and do you love it as much as I do?

Monday, 5 July 2010

No7 Make-up Brushes

No7's make-up brushes have intrigued me for a while now and when Boots had their 3 for 2 offers across the No7 line I jumped at the opportunity of giving these a go and purchased four of their brushes:

Foundation Brush
This brush is fantastic! Costing just £12 it's an amazing bargain compared to MAC's 190 Foundation Brush and in my opinion it's just as good as MAC's version.
The brush is compact with densely packed bristles. It's super soft and blends foundation easily providing an even, streak-free finish. I do recommend getting it!

Concealer Brush
It's very similar to the foundation brush - I'd say that it's a smaller version of it. Very soft on the skin and ideal to use on larger areas that need concealing. I also like using it for blending out concealer on the under eye area. Provides great coverage and a smooth finish.

Eye Colour Brush
Compact and sturdy. Feels very soft on the eyelids and is very good for packing colour on. Also great to use dampened.

Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brush
Ideal for shading the socket line and blending of both powder as well as cream eye shadows. It has soft, tapered bristles and is quite similar to MAC's 217.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the brushes and have not experienced any shedding as yet. The brushes aren't very long which I personally find to be a good thing as they're easier to work with and they have very comfortable handles.

...and one more No7 purchase that I also managed to squeeze in (it was 3 for 2 after all) - from the Summer Collection -
it's the Sun Drenched Eye Palette.
Very pretty and neutral colours.

The colours work beautifully together and are ideal for accentuating tanned skin tones or for creating a subtle sun kissed look.
The colours apply quite sheer so don't expect amazing colour payoff with these - I feel that their purpose is just to highlight bronzed summer skins.

Do you own any of No7's brushes?

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flesh Coloured Nails

Today I opted for wearing a flesh coloured nail polish meaning that I've broken the current trend of wearing juicy, vibrant, pastel and bold colours.

However this is the shade I opt for when I just want my nails to suit whatever I happen to wear - therefore it's pretty much my 'play it safe' and 'I'm feeling lazy' shade.

I used Loreal's Resist & Shine Titanium polish in a nude shade - I have no idea what it's called but there's a number on the back of it and it's 301.
It's quick to apply and quick to dry. Goes on easily and although I could have got away with applying just one coat, I decided to go for two as it's the norm for me. The polish is quite thick and creamy but also has a tendency to flood the nail plate if you're not careful or use too much.

The polish dries to a shiny finish which is good for a nude shade such as this one because it adds a bit of life to the colour.

Can you recommend any nude/flesh coloured nail polish shades?

Natio Mineral Lip and Cheek Colour Wheel

Natio's Mineral Lip and Cheek Colour Wheel (£12.00) is a multi-use wheel of harmonious tones to bronze and highlight lips and cheeks.

It contains five shades - bronze, pink, plum, rouge and mocha - which you can mix and match to obtain an ideal shade. The palette contains ultra fine minerals, blended with Vitamin E and Vitamin C which help to soften summer skin.

I purchased the wheel on a whim and purely based on the fact that it was a wheel with creamy colours - a winning formula in my eyes:)

My first impression of the product was not a good one as when I began swatching I wasn't really getting any colour payoff apart from what seemed like a bit of tinted vaseline.
I've found that you need to actually scoop the product out of the palette and apply to the skin in order to see some colour - using the fingertips doesn't seem to deposit a lot of colour.
Two of the colours from the palette are too light for my skin tone so I've been using them to highlight.
 Although the colours look very pretty on the lips, I don't like the way they feel - I'm constantly aware of the fact that I've got something on them which I find pretty irritating. Also, they aren't very long lasting on the lips and I find myself having to reapply quite often.

However, the colours seem to fare well as a cheek blush. They go on smoothly, are easy to blend and the staying power is pretty good as well. They leave the cheeks with a nice glowy tint that is very natural looking as they blend into the skin really well.
The fact that these colours come in a wheel is very handy for popping into your bag and touch ups on the go.