Monday, 8 March 2010

Handy make-up wheels

Make-up wheels are super convenient as they take up very little space and are great multi-taskers. 
Here's three wheels that have become staples within my make-up kit and get the job done:

1. Ben Nye Cream Rouge Wheel - an absolute must-have for cream blush lovers. This fabulous wheel offers 6 beautiful shades ranging from natural to vibrant. The colours are incredibly intense so they need to be applied with a very light hand. You can use the colours individually or mix and match to create your own unique shade. Sometimes I'll take a blush brush and just swirl it over all of the shades before applying to the cheeks. Remember to set your cream blush with a light dusting of powder. Cream blush is perfect for normal, dry and mature skin types.
This palette can also double up as a lipstick palette.

 2. Smashbox Cream Highlighter Quad - another great multi-tasking palette with a multitude of uses. Use it on the eyes, lips, cheeks, shoulders or decollette. These highlighters are very soft, sheer and easy to apply. They provide a subtle shimmer which makes the skin look radiant and youthful.


3. Temptu Concealer Wheel - this is a silicone based concealer and is thus long-wearing. It looks very smooth on the skin and isn't cakey. The soft creamy consistency makes it very easy to apply. The wheel contains 5 different colours which means that it is very handy when you take into consideration the fact that every imperfection on the skin has a different undertone. With this wheel you can mix and match the colours to get a shade that suits your skin tone.
The darkest shade also works great for contouring.

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