Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cute Earrings

What do you guys think of these earrings which I got the other day from Freedom at Topshop?

I find them to be quite adorable -

Cute little lacy vintage looking bows which my partner reckons bare a resemblance to granny knickers:)
I guess he's kind of right but who cares...I still love them:)
...and then these adorable owls - (hopefully they'll make me appear smarter:))
Have you picked up any interesting accessories lately?


  1. My newest favorite hat is my accessory of the choice. I wore it quite a lot lately, you can see it here:

  2. @Lyuba-chan - Lovely; love the colour!

  3. I love them both :)

    The first earrings: They're super young-adorable, know what I mean? Even though you're right, they do kind of look like old lady knickers :P

    The second earrings: I LOVE them! I would totally buy a pair for myself! Owls are cute, they're my favorite :)