Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bargain Hunting & New Blush Discovery

Don't you just love bargain hunting at TK Maxx? Now I have to admit that I'm no good at shopping for clothes at TK Maxx as I find it too difficult to find stuff and can't be bothered to ravage my way through all the clothing racks. I do however always make my way towards the
cosmetics section in search of some good deals.

I usually manage to find some stuff that makes me all giddy with excitement like for example -
Nails Inc nail polish at a fraction of the usual price, St. Tropez self-tanning lotion for a tenner instead of the usual and depressing £20.

During my last visit at TK Maxx I came across quite a few Model Co products. Although I'm not at all familiar with their make-up range, which by the way is tested on models and not animals, I do happen to use as well as love their make-up setting spray. Needles to say I picked up another bottle for £7.99 (BARGAIN) instead of the £23 that I'd normally pay for it online - and that is excluding postage and packaging!

Anyway, there was one item that caught my attention big time - a blush in the shade Joie De Vivre 02.
The Model Co Colourbox Blush comes in a cute pink and white two tiered box compact - on top you get the blush and a handy mirror while at the bottom you'll find a brush for applying your blush with.
I however like to use my regular blush brush for application.
So what is it that drew my attention to this particular blush? The fantabulous colour of course!
Joie De Vivre does indeed fill me with joy! The moment I swatched it I knew without any doubt that I was going to buy it. It is a lovely peach shade (and you know how I love my peachy blush) that is very close in tone to Peaches by MAC. I'd say that Joie De Vivre is a little bit more on the orange side.
Index finger: Joie De Vivre    Middle finger: MAC Peaches
Left: Joie De Vivre   Right: MAC Peaches
Although I can see very minimal and very few tiny sparkles here and there, the blush applies to a matte finish which happens to be yet another plus for me.

The price - while the regular retail price of this blush is £16.00, the TK Maxx price was £6.99 (happy grin).

Have you found any great bargains lately?


  1. I love that the blush is matte, it'll look so natural on the skin! ^_^

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