Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo

I have in the past thought about giving dry shampoo a go but for some reason never really got around to getting it. I guess that the idea just never appealed to me and the words "dry" and "shampoo" didn't really seem like a good match. I have very long hair and tend to wash it on a daily basis as I feel that if I skip a day of washing, my hair just appears to go quite flat and lifeless around the crown. Now as all us girls know, washing the hair on a daily basis is probably not a good thing as it means that we're just stripping it of its natural oils, overloading it with products as well as putting it through various electrical appliances.

In addition to all this I have also become the proud owner of a pair of ghd salon stylers about three weeks ago (I will definitely be reviewing them) which means that I am now officially a hair straightening addict. This means that although frying my hair on a daily basis is proving to be a good hair day everyday, it is probably not all that great for the hair in the long run...and that is exactly why I did purchase that can of dry shampoo about two weeks ago.

I got the Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo which claims to revitalise greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes, leaving it feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful.

To use you need to shake the can well, hold it approximately 30cm from the hair and spray lightly giving even coverage. Then you need to massage the powdery spray into the roots and through the hair, leave for a few moments after which you brush your hair.

So I skipped a day of washing and my hair did turn all flat and dull looking at the crown and so I reached for my Batiste hoping for the best.

After giving this dry shampoo a go, I can now officially say that it probably has become my "can't do without" product as it does exactly what it says on the can. I was really surprised by how it brought my dull and lifeless looking hair back to life. It also gave it a bit of a volume boost and left it smelling deliciously fresh - the Tropical one smells of coconut.
I'm really happy to have given this a go as I can now skip a hair wash or if I'm naughty even two - and still get away with it. It will save me some time and I won't need to use my hair dryer and straighteners on a daily basis.

The dry shampoo is only to be used in between washes and by no means as an alternative to washing. I think it is great to use whenever you skip a day of washing or as a quick fix for when you want fresh looking hair in an instant and just don't have the time for shampooing and blow drying.

I have not tried any other dry shampoos apart from this one so I can't really compare it to any others out there on the market.
Please let me know which ones you've tried and how they worked?

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