Monday, 7 May 2012

Kryolan V3 Eyeshadow Compact

If there's one thing I love, it's a good eyeshadow palette. Make it a matte eyeshadow palette and the love increases. Therefore you can imagine my delight upon discovering Kryolan's Variety Eyeshadow Compact in V3 Natural.

This eyeshadow palette features 18 neutral matte eyeshadow shades!
The eyeshadows are all nicely pigmented, allowing you to build up colour intensity without going overboard. They're also incredibly soft, smooth and blendable.
This is a great palette for my kit and I haven't stopped reaching for it. It's ideal for neutral every day looks and bridal work.

Now onto some swatches:

1st row 

2nd row
3rd row
Which eyeshadow palettes have you been reaching for lately?


  1. These colours looks amazing, even if I am a bit of a glitter freak ;)

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  2. I resisted buying this palette for so long. I shouldn't have looked or you shouldn't have swatched! LOL I just put myself on an eyeshadow buying ban for a year! Since, I know Kryolan will still be around, I will wait and maybe they will come out with more palettes or a mix of neutral and brights.