Thursday, 31 May 2012

The many uses of Pure Coconut Oil!

Here's a product that I haven't been able to get enough of lately...pure coconut oil!
I purchased this tub a while back from Holland & Barrett and although it can be used for cooking and baking, I've solely been incorporating it into my beauty routine.
The oil comes in solid form and will remain as such if stored below 24 degrees Celsius. When you scoop a bit out and rub it between your hands, it starts to melt making it easy to apply. 
Coconut oil is incredibly moisturising and I'm CRAZY for the scent!!! I'd just like to find a way of permanently attaching this tub to my nose...:) But for now I'll just stick to having a whiff of it each time I'm in the bathroom. 

I've been using it as:
  • an all over body moisturiser
  • lip balm (not only is it moisturising but you also need not worry about ingesting it as it's edible & actually good for you:))
  • hand and cuticle cream
  • make-up remover (works brilliantly!)
  • facial moisturiser 
  • hair mask (leave on for a while before shampooing)
  • foot cream 
  • excellent for moisturising dry knees & elbows
  • and just today I got the idea to rub it into my underarms to test it out as a natural deodorant (can't as of yet specify if it works effectively for this purpose) 
Anyway, if you're mad about coconut oil and have discovered any other uses for it as a beauty product then please share! 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Kryolan V3 Eyeshadow Compact

If there's one thing I love, it's a good eyeshadow palette. Make it a matte eyeshadow palette and the love increases. Therefore you can imagine my delight upon discovering Kryolan's Variety Eyeshadow Compact in V3 Natural.

This eyeshadow palette features 18 neutral matte eyeshadow shades!
The eyeshadows are all nicely pigmented, allowing you to build up colour intensity without going overboard. They're also incredibly soft, smooth and blendable.
This is a great palette for my kit and I haven't stopped reaching for it. It's ideal for neutral every day looks and bridal work.

Now onto some swatches:

1st row 

2nd row
3rd row
Which eyeshadow palettes have you been reaching for lately?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer

My search for the ideal foundation could quite possibly be over.
I do realise that I've probably uttered such words before, along with bold claims of a beauty product being "holy grail material" or "the one"...
However, this is a case of serious adoration as Daniel Sandler's Invisible Radiance Foundation ticks all the boxes for me. When it comes to foundation for my own personal use I am always on the lookout for a glowy, moist and luminous finish.

I first noticed this foundation in action a couple of weeks ago when I was watching a tutorial by Daniel Sandler. This was the foundation that he'd used on the model and I couldn't get over the incredibly dewy finish that it provided.
Instantaneously I'd made the decision to google it and buy it. 
The foundation comes in four shades: Porcelain, Beige, Honey and Deep Sand. I purchased it in Honey and it seems to be an ideal match for my NC30 complexion.
Handy spatula applicator

Invisible Radiance has a silky texture that glides onto the skin with ease.  The coverage is sheer but buildable without becoming cakey. After application the skin is left moist and luminous looking without a shimmer particle in sight. I also love how it makes my skin look fresh and plumped.

The concealer that comes with this foundation is also a godsend. So smooth and buttery...and best of all it doesn't settle into any creases.
In all honesty, I haven't a single negative to say about this foundation. If you're a fan of luminous finishes then be sure to check this one out as you won't be disappointed!

Have you tried Invisible Radiance yet?