Tuesday, 21 February 2012

MAC Mineralise and Face & Body Foundation

MAC Mineralise SPF 15 Foundation
I purchased this foundation on a whim, having read absolutely no reviews on it beforehand. I guess that what drew me to it was the fact that it is a cream based product, hence my favourite texture for a foundation.

The texture is indeed one to die for - smooth, creamy and incredibly buttery - thus resulting in effortless blending. It gives medium to buildable coverage, offering a natural looking finish similar to what you'd be able to achieve if using a tinted moisturiser.
It feels moisturising on the skin so it would be ideal for drier skin types.

Although I can't really fault it in terms of it's compatibility with my normal (and at times dehydrated) skin type, I probably wouldn't repurchase this one in the future. It's one of those products that I've been happy to try, do not regret buying but it also hasn't managed to wow me in any way or form. I think that it's purely down to the fact that I have tried other cream based foundations at a fraction of the cost and they have worked just as well if not better.

MAC Face and Body Foundation
MAC's Face and Body Foundation on the other hand was a well researched purchase...and a very overdue one at that. Lured in by promises of a foundation that provides a dewy, moist finish, I knew that it had to be mine. Yes this was indeed an overdue purchase...however I shall from now on ensure that this foundation  always remains within my reach.

Face and Body foundation has, as you can tell, made quite an impression on me. I purchased it online and thus hadn't a clue as to what shade to go for. I'm an NC30 and when I e-mailed an artist to help me out with the shade, she had suggested C4. I guess that it wouldn't really matter if you had gone for a shade lighter or darker due to the consistency of this product being so thin, but nonetheless my instinct seemed to be telling me to opt for shade C3 and so I did. C3 seems to be an ideal match and I'll probably opt for C4 in the summer time once I start intensifying my fake tan.
The coverage is sheer but buildable without becoming cakey. Application feels a little weird at first as the product seems to slide around a lot but once it sets it stays put.

This foundation is now officially a staple for me. Perfect for everyday wear due to it's sheer coverage, leaving the skin looking like skin, only better. Being a fan of creamy textures it seems rather weird that a foundation of such a runny consistency could impress me so very much.
However it's all about the finish for me  - natural and moist.
So if you're a fan of heavier coverage and a matte finish, I'd suggest you give this one a miss.

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts...


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