Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Handy Palettes for your kit!

If you're a make-up artist then these very sleek, lightweight and versatile palettes from Maq Pro are sure to come in handy.

Foundation Palette
The palette is flat packed and features six wax based colours that provide a very natural make-up finish which doesn't sit on the surface of the skin. The formula has light-reflecting qualities and leaves a nice glowy sheen to the skin.
Four of the shades work well as all over foundation bases, with the darkest colour coming in handy for the purpose of shading. The lightest shade is great for highlighting or mixing into the darker colours for a lighter effect.
There is also a green corrector colour which is absolutely brilliant at neutralising any red tones in the skin as well as blemishes.


Concealer/Lip/Cheek Petite Multi-Use Palette:

Starting from the top we have a dark neutral brown shade that is great for contouring.
Next is a very pale pink/apricot tone that is used under the eyes to correct dark circles.
In the middle we have the same green corrector (red tone neutraliser) that features in the larger foundation palette.
This is followed by a lilac shade that can be used to counteract a sallow looking complexion.
The last colour is a shimmery golden tone.

The bottom row features tones that make for great lip and cheek colours.

I'm really excited about having come across these handy palettes as there really is so much that you can use them for and they always come in handy at every job. An additional bonus is that they take up so little space!

I believe that these Maq Pro palettes are exclusively available from PAM LONDON and they happen to stock many more varieties...happy days!

P.S. Hope you're all well and it's good to be back blogging!


  1. I never tried maqpro but I want to visit their store so bad in Paris! That stuff is like true makeup artist palette porn!!

    Glad to see you are still alive! LOL

  2. Hi Olivia,

    hahaha LOL @ "makeup artist palette porn!!"
    Thanks for still popping in for a read!
    Can't imagine what I'd do in their store - I think that such a visit would prove to be too overwhelming...

  3. What skin range is your foundation palette for ( Also do you have swatches of it? I want to buy it but I don't know whether I should get Asian 2 or Caucasian.

  4. I love the nudes of maqpro. Makeup is my ultimate love. I was thinking of getting some good shades. Please share more updates.