Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ciate Cookies and Cream Paint Pot

If you love having your nails painted in nude or neutral colours then look no further. Ciate's Cookies and Cream nail polish represents effortless chic.
It's a light taupe/grey shade that will go with anything and everything. Perfect for daytime, nighttime, work or going's one of those safe and fuss free shades that you can't go wrong with.

My nails aren't exactly in the best shape to be modelling a polish colour but here it goes anyway:
Have you tried it yet?


  1. Hi, i just recently bought a nude nail polish the other day , it was lighter than this one but i actually really like this one on you must try it :), I'm from Northern Ireland in Belfast. Small world.. really like your blogs just about to have a proper read at them.

  2. Hi, thx for checking out my blog. It's great to have a follower from Northern Ireland!