Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

B.B. Creams or Blemish Balms are all the rage in Asia. I'd say that they must be doing something right if the perfect looking complexions of Asian ladies are anything to go by.
Hence, I was quite excited to learn that Garnier had released their own version and it was easily accessible, being sold both in Boots as well as Superdrug.
Unfortunately I have yet to try the Asian version of a B.B. cream so I won't be able to compare Garnier's offering to the cult cream - however, those of you whom have tried both, please oh please leave a comment below and let me know what the differences are.

I find Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector to be the perfect no fuss, time-saving multi-tasker. You simply wash your face in the morning and spread this all over your face (just like you would a moisturiser) with your fingers...though I have tried it with a buffing brush and liked that as well. No need for moisturiser beforehand.
The consistency is thick but it spreads very easily.
It blends out really sheer and simply evens out the skin tone. If you've got blemishes or dark under eye circles then you'll need to cover those with your concealer as this cream will not deal with those issues.
It is very hydrating, contains an SPF of 15 and has a bit of a dewy finish.

It's definitely not a substitute for foundation and although I haven't noticed any miracles as of yet, I do enjoy this product and prefer it to that of tinted moisturisers due to its thicker texture.

Will I repurchase in the future? I'd say yes as it's perfect for those days where you're in a hurry and can't be bothered with moisturisers, primers, foundations and your UV protection. Also great for when you just need to nip out to the shops or have nothing else planned than to run a few errands and don't want to spend time getting all glammed up but still want to look a little perfected:)

Friday, 16 September 2011

Yaby Foundations

My make-up kit was in need of a little revamping within the foundation department so I'd decided that it was time to try out something new. Taking my kit with me on jobs can sometimes be a little too heavy and bad on the back. I've decided that from now on I'll be looking into items that are compact and light.

Yaby, founded by make-up artist Liz Yu, was designed with the working make-up artist in mind. The products are all about providing great quality and taking up minimal space.

Yaby Liquid Foundation
 Ivory, Vanilla, Buff, Peach Cream, Honey, Pecan

As you can see these come in little 8ml squeezy tubes. The tip of the tube is removable, allowing you to fill the tube up to 12ml, meaning that you can add in another shade to create your desired colour.
This foundation has a very thin consistency and once applied it mimics the skin's natural texture - seriously - you will not be able to detect it on the skin. The foundation is very layerable without there being any caking in sight. It doesn't sit on top of the skin but melts right in. This is an ideal product for those who love a very light and natural feel to their foundation and have a generally good complexion that only needs a little evening out. Blemished skin types will definitely still need to avail of concealers for more heavy duty coverage.

Yaby Cream Foundation
Ivory, Buff, Honey, Cream
Apricot (corrector), Custard, Ginger Snap, Caramel
The cream foundations come in 30mm refill pans and are actually meant to be placed in a palette. Initially I had purchased four colours to begin with but I was so blown away by this foundation that I'd decided to get four more. Whenever I saw the pan my first thoughts were that I'd use this product up very quickly. However, once you master the application you'll really be surprised as to how little of this product you actually need to use.
Correct application of this foundation is key! Master the application and you'll be delighted with the results.
The key is to scrape a tiny bit out of the pan with a spatula and then to work it on the back of your hand so that it becomes more smooth. Then using a foundation brush (my preferred choice for this product) or a sponge, you take a tiny amount from the edge of the product and start applying using a buffing motion, working a small area of the face at a time. Application takes a little longer than when using your standard foundation, but the results are totally worth it. Just be patient and practice getting it right - I was a little disappointed in the beginning whenever I was applying it the wrong way but now I'm just amazed at how great this product performs. It just makes your skin look perfected.
This cream foundation is incredibly pigmented and although it is a full coverage product, it allows you to achieve either sheer or full cover.

Have you tried any of these?