Saturday, 6 August 2011

Latex Free Make-Up Blending Sponge

I have never tried out the Beauty Blender as I've always fared well with foundation brushes and couldn't quite justify spending £20 on a make-up sponge. These make-up sponges however retail for £3.99 and are available here in the U.K. from as well as

The principle for using these is the same as with the Beauty Blender - you need to dampen them, they expand in size and then you work liquid and cream make-up products into the skin by using a bouncing motion. The pointed end is used to apply foundation or concealer around the nose or eyes.
Left: dry sponge  Right: dampened sponge

Initially I only purchased one sponge, just out of curiosity and to do a trial run, but after using it only once I knew that I needed more. These are incredibly easy to use and apply liquid and cream foundations like a dream, leaving you with a truly (yes I'll throw in the cliche) flawless finish!

I wholeheartedly recommend these. This might sound dramatic but they will transform the way in which you apply your foundation, helping you achieve a truly natural and well blended finish. 

If you've tried the Beauty Blender as well as these then please leave a comment below and let me know how they compare.


  1. Hi! I work as a makeup artist in sweden and love your blog. I just found it today.
    I've tried a bunch of the beauty blender dupes cause I love it, but I have to confess that so far nothing is quite the same. The one above is very good, but the bb is much less dense if that makes sense. Just lighter on the skin and softer. But these come in on a second place behind the original bb. I sitll think the original is worth the money. I love the cleanser for the original aswell, it really helps get foundation out so easily.

    1. Thanks for your input. I've been thinking whether I should get the BB or this one for a while now. Think I will try the BB first, since everyone says is much better. :)

  2. I love this sponge.I ma going to purchase one like this.
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