Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil

This past while I've been trying out some new cleansers, most of which I've been rather impressed with. I'm not going to mention them all in one post, I'll do a separate one on each...

So to start the post title's Nude Cleansing Facial Oil.
Now I'm sure that you've heard loads and loads about this one - it has after all been labelled as a "miraculous" cleanser. Having read all the wonderful reviews, I'd finally decided to check for myself what all the fuss was about. I do have to say that the fact that it is an oil was the biggest selling point for me. As I have mentioned before - I absolutely freaking LOVE oils - be it facial oils or body oils - I just love smothering myself in them.
I do also keep a little bottle of olive oil in the bathroom that I occasionally like to use as a facial a treat.

Now onto my thoughts regarding Nude's cleansing oil...

The oil should be warmed between the hands and massaged onto a dry face, then a small amount of water is applied in order to form a light milk. As you're massaging the oil into the face you can actually see all the make-up becoming dislodged and melting away. I love the fact that it is completely gentle on the eyes; any cleansers that start irritating and stinging my eyes are a complete no no for me.
It did take me a little while to get used to the scent which is rather difficult to's not that it's unpleasant...but you do immediately feel that you are using a natural product.

So does it do a great job of cleansing? Hell yeah! This surely is a magnificent cleanser, but I find that I need to use more than the suggested 1 to 2 pumps of oil. I use 3 pumps for the first cleanse and then follow up with 2 more...but I do tend to go rather heavy on the mascara. So around 5 pumps in total me...leaving my face squeaky clean.

Will I continue to repurchase and make this cleansing oil a regular within my bathroom cabinet? Probably not.

Although it is an excellent cleanser that I really can not fault in any way or form, for some reason it has failed to really "wow" or excite me.  I feel that there a lot of cheaper cleansers out there that do just as good of a job as this one and cost a lot less. In fact, I feel that I got the same sort of results by using regular olive oil as a cleanser.

Have you been "wowed" by this cleansing oil?

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