Monday, 25 April 2011

No fuss nail art

I finally managed to get my hands on Barry M's Instant Nail Effects some weeks ago.
Initially I wasn't sold on the idea (reminded me too much of chipped polish) but after trying out OPI's Shatter in a salon, the "crackled" effect kind of started to grow on me. OPI's Shatter had flown off the shelves very quickly and became impossible to get hold of, and Barry M's version had also been continuously sold out at my local chemists. When it finally returned to the shelves I didn't hesitate to get it.

Here it is applied over a light pastel pink polish:
Once your base polish has dried you only need to apply one thin coat of this and watch it produce the crackled effect. It looks great on the toes as well - I think that I actually prefer it on the toes as it looks more like a design rather that polish that has started chipping. I'd also recommend applying a top coat over it for a more intense and glossier finish.
As you can see I'm keeping my nails incredibly short as I'm almost finished with the first year of my nail tech course - over the past year I have continuously either had on gel or acrylic nail extentions. I'm giving my nails a bit of a break now and keeping them really short...typing is so much more fun at the minute...:)

While I was sporting some acrylics, I tried out some of the Professional Cut Trendy Nail Wraps for the tips - the set I used was Curly Q.
Can't really explain it but I wasn't too keen on these - I guess the biggest issue was that they didn't suit everything that I was wearing - I'll have to try out another set in the future and see how I feel.

Instant Nail Effects and Trendy Nail Wraps are great options for those keen on nail art but lacking artistic ability, time and patience.

Are you into nail art or are you more keen on a regular one polish manicure or the traditional french?

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  1. I am going to recommend you guys to a friend of mine who loves getting reviews regarding her fav makeup items. She will love this!