Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Revlon Photoready and ColourStay

Over the last couple of weeks I've taken advantage of some of the 3 for 2 offers from Boots and decided to continue experimenting with liquid foundations, which wouldn't normally be my foundation texture of choice as I prefer cream based ones.

I picked up 2 foundations from Revlon - Photoready and ColourStay - I know that these are probably old news to most but what can I say...I'm just a slow coach:)

Revlon PhotoReady
I had read a lot about this one and very often the reviews haven't been all too positive. The issue that most people seem to have with it is that it contains shimmer particles. You won't really be able to see the shimmer when swatching the foundation in the store so it can be quite baffling and leave you thinking "what on earth is everyone complaining about"? Once the foundation has been applied to the face you'll only be able to detect the shimmer if you have a close up look in the mirror especially on a sunny day - so no biggie if you live in a place with gloomy weather...:)

I think that I was drawn to trying out this foundation for two reasons - first was the fact that it has an SPF of 20 and second were the shimmer particles which everyone seems to detest but that's because I have normal skin and like making it look shiny...

The foundation itself has great packaging due to it's very easy to use pump. It dries to a satin matte finish and provides medium coverage. Bare in mind that the sparkles are apparent in the sun so if you don't like that sort of thing then stay away from it. It does help however if you keep the foundation standing upright all the time thus allowing the shimmer to settle more towards the bottom of the bottle.

Revlon ColourStay

Revlon's ColourStay foundation is available in two formulations to suit Normal/Dry and Oily/Combination skin types. It is a long lasting foundation which seems to have gained a lot of fans around the world and has been compared to quite a few high end foundations out there but happens to be a bit more purse friendly.

ColourStay smells a bit funny - a lot of people compare the scent to that of paint - I however don't seem to mind the smell and actually quite like it. However the smell is not very long lasting and disappears soon after application.
The big downside to this foundation is most probably the packaging which is just a simple glass bottle with no pump.
You need to be quite careful when pouring it out and I assume that it's also going to be difficult getting the last bits out once it nears the end.

The foundation has a thick texture and provides matte coverage. It dries pretty quickly and can thus be a tad too difficult to blend so fast application is required. I like to apply it either with my fingers or a foundation brush.

ColourStay seems to stay on all day on my skin but then again I don't seem to have much problems with the lasting power of other foundations either as my skin doesn't really have any oily zones.

Have you tried PhotoReady or ColourStay - which do you prefer as I can't seem to decide?


  1. a great option for photo shoots~ cost effective for using in airbrushing for fashion shows and shoots~

  2. I have 2 colors of colorstay in my kit and I absolutely love it. I like to mix with other foundation and also use it a lot for photoshoots, bridal and so on.
    I have not tried photoready yet tho. :)

  3. havnt tryed photoready yet, but colorstay is a good one*
    love the blog!

  4. I don't think everyone likes shimmer a lot,I myself don't.But the foundation looks good...hope they have other shades too because this is not going to be matching with many.mineral makeup