Monday, 3 January 2011

New Blushes

Happy New Year to you all - let it be a good one!!!

I just wanted to share two new blushes which I acquired last month...and yes I am still on the peach/apricot bandwagon.

The first is The Body Shop Cheek Colour in Apricot Shimmer
Comes in a not too big of a pan which is only a little bigger than your average eyeshadow. It's thus a great space saver and ideal for popping into your handbag.
Apricot Shimmer is a very pretty and wearable shade with the glitter particles not being overwhelming. I'd say that this blush is more suited for lighter skin tones as it probably won't show up well on darker complexions but could make for a nice highlighter along the upper cheek area.

Here's a swatch:
The other blush that I got is probably not to be found in stores any longer as it's from the Smashbox Reign Collection which was released when?...I can't even remember but it was probably Autumn/Fall 2009.

Anyway, I got it from which is my go to website for all my Smashbox needs.
They're having a great sale on right now so be sure to check it out.

Onto the blush at hand - I purchased the Reign Fusion Blush in Regal - and I love it.
It comes in a soft, padded faux leather effect, mirrored compact. This is a dual toned blush which has both a matte and shimmery texture in a peachy nude shade.
The shimmery side of the blush is luckily not overly shimmery, in fact when swatched and applied onto the cheeks you can barely see any shimmer.
Here's a swatch - the matte texture is on my index  finger and the shimmer on my middle finger:
...and here they are blended together:
Regal has subtle colour payoff which is just perfect for a blush as there's lesser chance of going overboard with the application.

One thing's for sure - Regal is definitely going to be a very often reached for blush.


  1. That smashbox blush is beautiful. I wish I could get my hands on one.
    Thanks for the swatches.

  2. Oooo :] I have some purple eyeshadow from The Body Shop, it looks just like your blush compartment. They have really nice colors, but the eyeshadow I have looks almost a bit... powdery. Instead of shimmery or slightly glittery. So I am glad your blush shimmers nicely :] it's a gorgeous shade.