Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kryolan Dermacolour Concealer Wheel

Dermacolor is a paramedical make-up line developed by Kryolan and is designed to correct skin disfigurements or discolorations.You can purchase Dermacolour concealers individually but they also come in very handy wheels and palettes which are brilliant for make-up artists. 
I love concealer wheels as you can mix and match to your heart's desire and was also on the lookout for a heavy duty concealer which would be able to deal with masking more prominent imperfections and discolourations. 

I purchased this Dermacolour Wheel 1 which features six shades to cover a range of lighter skin tones - D1W, D62, D66, D3.5, D7, DFD. 
These concealers are very high pigmented, thick, waxy and provide full coverage. I've been playing around with this wheel for over a week now in order to get to grips with the usage as the consistency is quite tricky to deal with. 
It's very important to use tiny amounts of product as that's all that's needed and to apply in thin layers. 
You really wouldn't believe just how little product manages to go a very very long way. 

Here are the swatches for this wheel: 
And for the purpose of this post I decided to quickly conceal a birth mark found on the back of my calf - 
I've also worn this concealer as a foundation when experimenting and quite liked it. Less than half a pea sized amount is enough to cover the whole face area. It's absolutely crucial to really warm the product up on your hand before application. 
When applying it as a foundation I scoop out the shades that suit me on the back of my hand and mix them really well with a foundation brush. Then I start applying to the centre of my face and blend, blend, blend outwards. Blending is really crucial!
If properly applied you can achieve a natural looking result which still shows your natural skin. 
I wore it as a foundation today and here's how it looked -
If you're not careful it will end up looking as a mask and really cakey, settling into any lines you may have. I tried it with a heavier application and wasn't even able to see any of my freckles. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with it both as a concealer and foundation and can see it becoming a very useful part of my kit.


  1. Dermacolor is definitely one that does its job for coverage. I am never disappointed by it. BTW, you look beautiful!

  2. By the way gave you a blog award.

  3. @ Olivia - Thanks so much - it's greatly appreciated, I'm so happy!!!

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