Thursday, 20 January 2011

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream has a variety of uses - in fact, the list is pretty darn long.

You can use it as a make-up remover; skin moisturiser; for dry, itchy, chapped skin; massage lotion; hair tamer; hot oil treatment; after-shave cream; skin irritations; scars...and the list goes on and on.

I was drawn to this product as I love a multi-tasker and the ingredients list is pretty impressive too:
  • Olive oil, Beeswax, Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis Extract
I think the Olive oil and honey just sold it to me - I love these two ingredients as they bring out the best in my skin.

I purchased my first tub from Beautybay around Christmas time and after trying it out for a week I ordered a second one - I really wanted to get a back up especially since it was retailing for £22.50. I'm not quite sure but I think that it normally retails for £45 - but I could be wrong.

Since getting it I've been using it daily as a neck and facial moisturiser, hand and foot cream, lip balm, on my knees and elbows, around the cuticles and to tame any unruly eyebrows.
I have also tried it out as a make-up remover and it works incredibly well at removing the slap. Does a great job of conditioning the eyelashes too.

Egyptian Magic is just the sort of product I adore - simple, thick, oily, moisturising, hydrating...
The consistency is pretty thick but takes the form of an oil once you start rubbing it into the skin. 
Prior to using Egyptian Magic my skin was pretty dehydrated due to the heating being on almost all the time throughout the day. I have this test that I do to check for dehydration:
I place my index finger horizontally across my cheek and lift the skin upward with it. When I see a lot of tiny lines then I know that it's time for some serious re-hydration.
Egyptian Magic resolved this problem after the first use! My skin has become incredibly soft, smooth and plump.

I know that a lot of people would probably refrain from using Egyptian Magic as a day and night time moisturiser due to it being so oily but for me it serves this purpose incredibly well as it's just the sort of thing my skin loves. My skin just seems to devour moisture.

In terms of it being effective at treating serious skin conditions - well I can't vouch for that as I haven't had any to test this product on apart from dry elbows which are now the softest I've ever had and of course my dehydrated skin which is now baby soft and very supple.

I did give a little sample to my sister to try out as she's got very dry, sensitive skin. It didn't cause an adverse reaction on her which was a good thing as almost every product on this planet does. Apparently it made red areas go down but also made her skin quite flaky in some areas and she thus stopped using it on her face.

Anyway, being such a wonderful multi-tasker, Egyptian Magic could quite possibly save one a lot of bathroom space - just think of all the products that it could replace...tempting but I do love my product testing so I won't be giving up on all other beauty goodies out there just yet.
I will however make Egyptian Magic a staple within my beauty stash.


  1. I do like this cream but my local Whole Foods puts a magic price on it that keeps me from rebuying it. It really can be used for everything, I loved it as a deep hair conditioning treatment.

  2. ha ha ha, the price sure is magical:)

  3. That's wonderful that this cream is multipurpose also.Really unique...Lifecell Skin Cream

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