Sunday, 30 January 2011


EcoTools - the tools for earth friendly beauty...I've been eyeing these for ages and don't quite know why I never gave into making a purchase sooner...

The brushes feature:
  • a highly sustainable bamboo handle
  • 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles
  • recycled aluminium ferrule 
  • reusable storage pouch 
I've got three eco brushes but I'm really keen on trying out more. The ones I have are:

eye shading brush -
The bristles are flat and firmly packed. I use this one for packing eyeshadow colour onto the lid and it's also great for concealing and highlighting the under eye area.

eye shadow brush
I think that this brush is meant to be an improved version of the eye shading brush (above) - at least that's what it says on the pouch - "Improved Cut & Application".
The bristles are a bit more fluffy making it easier to blend with. It works great for highlighting the brow bone or adding an all over colour to the lid.

Here are the two eye brushes side by side:
Left: eye shading brush  Right: the improved eye shadow brush

bronzer brush -
 Oh my eco bronzer brush, how do I LOVE thee...!!! I'll definitely be getting another one of these as it is just amazing. The bristles are densely packed and so so incredibly SOFT! It's such a pleasure to use. You need to use with a light hand though as it's all too easy to get too much product on. I've been using it with both cream and powder bronzers and I couldn't be happier.

All three of my eco brushes are very soft and great quality so I'm really looking forward to trying other ones from the series.
If you've tried them then I'd love to hear your recommendations!


  1. i have at least 2 of their foundation brushes in my kit, as well as the angled brush *for brows mostly*~ ^^

  2. Do you know of any sites that would sell these in the US? Or anything like that? Cause I'm sure that the actual store you got them from doesn't exist here and I really want to try these =]

  3. @ Kranberries- I've seen more of a variety at Ulta stores.

  4. @ Kranberries - hi Kate, sorry for the late response. I've no idea where you could get them in the US. I got them from the chemist's and I've also seen them in Tesco. Check out Ulta as David has mentioned or e-bay perhaps...
    Sorry I can't be of more help.