Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Trendy Nail Wraps

I've finally got around to applying my Trendy Nail Wraps in Born To Be Wild. I'd assumed that application would be a pain but they were rather easy to get on. It took me approx. 20 minutes to apply them and this included cutting them into a shape that fits my own nail bed as most of the sizes were too big for my wee nails.

Application for wraps:
  • push back cuticles and shape the free edge
  • wipe clean nail plate (don't use any liquids or cleansers) 
  • select wrap that fits nail bed
  • heat adhesive side of wrap for 2-5 seconds
  • apply wrap on nail bed from cuticle to free edge and press down
  • trim wrap to free edge and then file and shape 
  • apply a thin coat of glue to free edge (this is optional) 
I did omit the last optional step of applying glue to the free edge - not really sure what sort of glue they're on about...

Anyway, here's how they came out:

I love how they look, especially the way in which they shine and glisten from far. I only applied them today so I can't really comment on their longevity but I'll be sure to keep you updated. I've heard quite negative opinions regarding their durability so I'm curious to see for myself.

Have you tried Trendy Wraps yet?


  1. Definately want to try these out they look really pretty! x

  2. I actually do have lots of them on my collection, but I never had the chance to use them, I find it quicker to apply nail polish... however, I'm looking forward to trying them soon for the first time!

    please read.

  4. I must try those trendy wraps out! They look so girly :)