Friday, 3 December 2010

St. Moriz goes Dark

Look at what I picked up yesterday at the chemist's -
Yes! St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse now comes in a Dark version - how great is that!?

I only found out about this yesterday so if you already knew about St. Moriz in dark then many apologies - it's a new discovery for me - a great one at that and I wanted to share...

Here they are side by side - the original and the dark:
Now I have the two bottles, love them both but shall probably be reaching for the dark one more often and stick to using it from now on.
St. Moriz in dark is the same formulation as the original. There's only a slight difference in the colour result.
The original St. Moriz gives a natural looking golden tan whereas the dark one leaves you with more of a deeper bronzed result.

I squirted some out on the palm of my hand so you can see the difference between them:
Original on the left & Dark on the right

By the way, I now have two big stains on the palm of my hand:)
Curious to know - have you tried St. Moriz in dark yet?


  1. literally just applied this, the colour is absolutely beautiful!
    i love the original but the dark is even better one application is like 2 layers of the original and it saves the whole faff of applying numerous times to get the perfect colour you want!
    would deffo recommend!

  2. Answer to your question, I can hardly hear out of it.

  3. Also, how much was this product?

    ps. I was so glad to see you commented on my blog! I missed talking with you :P

  4. Lovely blog, I just ordered myself the dark version. Excited! x

  5. Oh how cool ist that? I love the St Moritz tan. And now in dark- thats fatastic. Do you know whether I can buy the Dark Version from Ebay? Because I live in Germany.

    Greetings An

    (Sorry for my poor English (;)

  6. @Gina Faria - I agree, a lovely, believable bronze colour.

    @Kate - prices vary but the chemists in my area sell it for £2.99.

    @Golden Glow - thx for enjoying my blog; let me know if you like the dark version once you've tried it.

    @An - nothing wrong with your English! I looked on, they have it but only ship to the UK. Where do you normally get the original version from?

  7. Thanks that you looked <3. Normally I buy from Ebay UK too. There are some sellers who ship to Germany. I have already asked them whether the Dark version have, but no one has them or I got no answer :-(. Can you tell me maybe one link to an Ebay seller who has the DARK St Moritz? I find none. Maybe one of them even sent on request to me to Germany.
    I'll be very thankful for that!

    Greetings An

  8. Hi Agatha its me again ;-)
    I found a few seconds ago an Ebay Seller whos selling to Germany. One Bottle for 2,99£ :-)
    yeah this made my Day :-).
    I have taken three of your pictures from this Post to put it on my blogpost. (I linked of corse to your Blog) hope that's ok. Let me know if not, then I take them out.

  9. @An - glad you found it! Only checking out my blog problem about the pictures - glad they can be of help!
    Let me know how you like the dark version.

  10. have you had any problems with it looking 'scaley' is the only way i can seem to describe it after like day 2 it looks like i havnt moisturized in years! 8( i exfoliated properly and moisturized to prepare and i moisturize after baths so im starting to think its the product now unless im doing something wrong :/ i think im going to have to switch back to the original i had no problems with that one this one doesnt seem to agree with me :( boo! so disappointing the colour was so nice!xx

  11. @Gina - yeah I'm having the same problem - snake like skin after about 2 days and this has sort of put me off the product for a's very drying as well. But the last time I had it on I got a lot of compliments on my tan as it looks really nice when you can't see the 'scaley' bits:)