Tuesday, 14 December 2010

E.L.F. Make-up brushes

It's good to finally be writing a post. I've been ill with the flu and spending most of my time in bed feeling miserable. Any strength I've had I've needed to use for preparing an assignment for college but luckily that's now done and dusted. I'm still feeling a little weak and lethargic due to a cough that's been daunting me for the past week - went to see the doctor today cause I've actually been hearing rattling sounds coming from my chest which freaked me out a little. I'm on a course of antibiotics so fingers crossed that I'll be back to my old self again in no time.

Anyway, about two months ago I purchased five make-up brushes from EyesLipsFace - the ones that I was particularly interested in were as pictured from left to right:
Blending eye brush & eyeshadow brush, both from the regular line and from the studio series - the eye contour brush, blush brush and powder brush.
The eye brushes from the regular e.l.f. collection were £1.50 each and the studio brushes are £3.50. Overall they're all amazing value for money.

Eyeshadow brush
Great for packing on colour. Picks up product well. The bristles are firmly packed together, soft and I like that the handle isn't too long. I use this one for applying colour either all over the lid or just onto the mobile eyelid.

Blending eye brush
I use it for applying eyeshadow to the crease and blending. It's soft and easy to work with. I have noticed a bit of shedding with it though. It seems as there's always hairs coming out whenever I pick at it - not a big deal though as you can't expect miracles for the price.

Contour eye brush
Super soft and great for applying eyeshadow to the outer v and along the crease.

Blush brush
I adore this blush brush. I like the fact that it's quite small as it allows you to have more control when applying blush. The almond shape of the bristles makes it particularly convenient for contouring as well.

Powder brush
Love it! It's like a flat topped kabuki and it's super soft. Great for applying powder to the face for the softest finish ever. This is the perfect brush for the application of my Chanel cream bronzer as it buffs it into the skin incredibly well and does not shed at all! I no longer need to lift irritating little brush hairs from my bronzer - happy days!

I'm very impressed with all five brushes and particularly the three from the studio series. I recommend that you give them a go if you haven't already as you can't go wrong for the price.
They are incredibly soft and there's been no shedding whatsoever!
I'm definitely going to repurchase another one of both the powder and blush brushes.

I've noticed that e.l.f. has also come out with a new range of bamboo brushes...have you guys tried them yet? Please let me know what they're like if you have.


  1. US site has a sale on those at the moment :) Lets just say I bought almost every one from their Studio range and two from their Mineral. Can't wait for them to get to meeeeee! :)

  2. Hello Agatha!
    I am impressed buy this wonderful review! I am in serious need of some decent brushed so I would probably check ELF!
    Love from a new follower,

  3. I really want to get some more elf brushes but hate their shipping charges.

  4. :D So cool! I looooooooooove ELF. For the price, the products are AMAZING.

    I'm so sorry you've had the flu, darling :[ I hope you feel better soon, I really do. Best wishes.

  5. I also have the eyeshadow brush from the regular line!
    Really good for the price you pay !!I use it to apply one or more colours & I even do smokey eyes with it..

    I love all elf products, cheap but great quality for the amount of money you spend !


  6. great reviews! i haven't purchased from elf before but i plan to! ;) especially for the cheap lip brushes that i can dispose of for sanitary reasons after each shoot! ^^

  7. I absolutely LOVE the elf powder brush! def my fave and i cannot live without it :D
    xox, Lisa www.loveformakeup.com

  8. These brushes look good to me, going to show this post to my wife, hope that she will love it as well. Thank you for sharing it