Sunday, 24 October 2010

Not another lipstick!:)

The other day while looking through my make-up stash I made a promise to myself not to purchase any more lipsticks. It didn't take me long to break that promise as a couple of hours later I walked into Boots and saw a new addition to Revlon's Matte Lipsticks collection. The shade was called Smoked Peach. Sold.
I had to have it. I might have been tougher and resisted had it not been a peach shade.
and on the lips-
I adore Revlon's Matte Lipsticks and own three other shades: Nude Attitude, Pink Pout and Mauve it Over.
The lipsticks come in a range of beautiful colours (not enough for my liking), sleek packaging and a reasonable price tag. They are very pigmented and although matte, they don't feel drying on the lips. I have found though that they can really emphasise dry or chapped lips and settle into the lines of the lips so whenever I wear one of these I tend to make sure that my lips have been exfoliated and moisturised beforehand. Applying them with a brush instead of from the bullet also works better with this texture and tends to go on more even and looks smoother.

Overall I'm ecstatic about the peachy addition to this collection of matte lipsticks which I adore especially now when I'm mad about anything peachy and apricot you'll probably learn in upcoming posts. ..

Do you own any lipsticks from Revlon's Matte Collection?

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  1. I got the Revlon Nude Attitude and I am so in love with it.
    It's one of my favourites Beauty products of 2010!