Monday, 13 September 2010

How to Look Good Naked...Urban Decay style

As I've already mentioned before, I'm an absolute sucker for eyeshadow palettes. They're probably one of my favourite make-up buys and excite the hell out of me:)

Obviously when I saw the launch of Urban Decay's Naked palette there was not much else I could think about. Thus began my true test of patience in waiting for its launch here in the UK -  it's been a long and hard journey but I have prevailed...I know that all you fellow beauty bloggers will understand and have probably sailed through a similar journey countless of times:)

Anyway, Friday was a good day. Not only was it Friday but I also received the very much drooled after Naked palette. I ordered online from House of Fraser and believe that it's still currently in stock but probably won't be for long...

The palette features 12 gorgeous eyeshadows, a double-ended eyeliner in Zero (black) and Whiskey (chocolate brown) as well as a travel sized version of their famous eyeshadow primer potion.

Here's a peek :

If you're a fan of neutral eye make-up then this is an absolute must-have!!! The pigmentation is just what you'd expect from Urban Decay - awesome! Texture - the shadows are silky soft, smooth and blend effortlessly...and what about the amazing value? At £27, this palette is an absolute steal if you take into account that on average a single UD eyeshadow retails for around £12.

Oh and by the way, the very first shade Virgin looks AMAZING applied on the inner tear duct!


  1. I LOVE it! I am waiting for it to get back in stock here so that I can purchase it!

  2. I love my naked palette...have you seen the new Stila neutral palette??

  3. @Chic Geek - Hope you get it before it's sold out again! I'm sure you'll love it!

    @FunnyFaceBeauty - No I haven't seen the Stila one, how many eyeshadows does it contain? Will need to search the internet to get a glimpse of it.

  4. i love the urban decay bright color too..very saturated and cool.. the green is my fav..

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