Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cold Cream Cleanser

So firstly, a bit off topic but I thought I'd share - my nails of the day - a very "fuss free, suit everything & perfect for daytime/work" kinda shade from Models Own in Nude Beige which is pretty much a taupe sort of colour. The formulation is a little runny but two coats was all I needed to attain an even and glossy finish. The last time I used it, it chipped very quickly but it could have been due to the fact that I hadn't applied a top coat. I'll see how it lasts this time round with a top coat.

Now on to the cleanser that I'm loving at the minute.

A while back I tried a cold cream cleanser from Pond's and really liked its formulation as well as the results it provided. The thing I love most about cold cream cleansers is their very thick formulation which I find to be perfect for my normal complexion which at times can feel a little bit dehydrated - cold cream cleansers always resolve any dryness/dehydration issues that I might be having with my skin.

The cold cream that I have been using lately is the Boots Original Beauty Formula Rose Cold Cream Cleanser. I've come across some info just today regarding the fact that the original Beauty Formula range might be discontinued - anyone know if this is true?...I might just have to stock up on this cold cream...
 This cold cream is very thick and I apply it in circular motions on to the face and neck, really working it into the skin before removing with a damp cotton wool. I follow up with another application just to make sure that I've got everything off. The cleanser does do a good job of removing eye make-up but you'll need to spend some time on it so if you're in a rush I'd recommend that you use an eye make-up remover.

Cold cream leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised following make-up removal, so much so that I could most definitely get away with not moisturising afterwards without my skin feeling any tightness. I also love the dewiness it adds to my skin and makes it look so much more revitalised in the mornings.

Cold cream has definitely become my go to product for cleansing purposes and I'd recommend that anyone with normal, mature, dry and dehydrated skins should give it a go.

Have you tried any cold cream cleansers?


  1. I like cold cream too! I've tried Noxema and Oil of Olay. Feels great and easy to massage over my face. I'll have to check out the Boots version.

  2. I love that polish. I have been looking for a colour like that for awhile but just cant seem to find one.