Monday, 27 September 2010


Let me just clarify that this FOTD post actually features the make-up I had on two days ago but never got the chance to post about. So in actual fact it is a FOTOD (face of the other day) sort of post...could this be the beginning of a new trend...?
Anyway, here's a breakdown of all the slap:) -

  • Leichner Foundation in Blend of Beige
  • E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
  • Benefit Eye Bright on under eye area

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion 
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette - Virgin all over the mobile eyelid, Creep on outer V and along lower lash line, Naked for blending in the crease
  • Avon Sonic Boost mascara

  • E.L.F Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph
Hope everyone's had a great weekend!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cold Cream Cleanser

So firstly, a bit off topic but I thought I'd share - my nails of the day - a very "fuss free, suit everything & perfect for daytime/work" kinda shade from Models Own in Nude Beige which is pretty much a taupe sort of colour. The formulation is a little runny but two coats was all I needed to attain an even and glossy finish. The last time I used it, it chipped very quickly but it could have been due to the fact that I hadn't applied a top coat. I'll see how it lasts this time round with a top coat.

Now on to the cleanser that I'm loving at the minute.

A while back I tried a cold cream cleanser from Pond's and really liked its formulation as well as the results it provided. The thing I love most about cold cream cleansers is their very thick formulation which I find to be perfect for my normal complexion which at times can feel a little bit dehydrated - cold cream cleansers always resolve any dryness/dehydration issues that I might be having with my skin.

The cold cream that I have been using lately is the Boots Original Beauty Formula Rose Cold Cream Cleanser. I've come across some info just today regarding the fact that the original Beauty Formula range might be discontinued - anyone know if this is true?...I might just have to stock up on this cold cream...
 This cold cream is very thick and I apply it in circular motions on to the face and neck, really working it into the skin before removing with a damp cotton wool. I follow up with another application just to make sure that I've got everything off. The cleanser does do a good job of removing eye make-up but you'll need to spend some time on it so if you're in a rush I'd recommend that you use an eye make-up remover.

Cold cream leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised following make-up removal, so much so that I could most definitely get away with not moisturising afterwards without my skin feeling any tightness. I also love the dewiness it adds to my skin and makes it look so much more revitalised in the mornings.

Cold cream has definitely become my go to product for cleansing purposes and I'd recommend that anyone with normal, mature, dry and dehydrated skins should give it a go.

Have you tried any cold cream cleansers?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

A bit about concealer...

Concealer is a great weapon for covering up little imperfections. It's best applied following the application of foundation as that way you'll not only have to use less but you'll only use it where it's needed as the foundation will have done most of the concealing already.

Here's a few tips for getting rid of imperfections and some examples of my fave concealers:

The dreaded dark circles under the eyes. Some are lucky and just don't have them. Some of us get them occasionally. The not so lucky ones (I'm in this group) were just born with them.
Anything light reflective will help out with dark areas so aim for concealers such as the YSL Touche Eclat - it's not called "radiant touch" for nothing...
 A little goes a very long way with this light reflective pen or rather miracle worker. Apply just a tiny bit around the inner corner of the eye as well as below the eye and gently pat with your finger tip. Don't rub or else you'll rub it all off. Simply pat into the skin, stand back and enjoy a lighter and brighter looking eye area.

If you don't mind a heavier coverage then a concealer such as Temptu's Silicone Based Concealers available in the form of a handy wheel work a treat and are incredibly soft, smooth and easy to blend out.
 Lately I've also been using Benefit's Eye Bright not only in the inner tear duct but also for disguising my dark circles and have found that it really brightens and lightens the dark under eye area.
If puffy eyes are giving you bother then you'll want to apply a slightly darker shade of concealer to the area, baring in mind the rule that light emphasises and dark reduces.
Temptu's Concealer wheel is very handy for this as you've got five different shades of concealer ranging from light to dark - you can mix and match to attain the perfect shade.

Green neutralises redness so if you want to disguise any red areas like broken capillaries or spots, then a green corrector is your best option as it will counteract areas of redness and high colouring. Use a coloured corrector only on the area where it is required. Apply foundation over it using a tapping motion so as not to rub off the corrector and also to prevent spreading it.
I like Oriflame's Concealer Kit  which contains three shades - green, beige and yellow. The green works well on red areas, the yellow helps to lighten the under eye area. The beige works for covering up little blemishes and can be mixed with the yellow to create a lighter shade. These correctors work best when warmed on the skin or between the finger tips prior to application.
Age lines. A cream concealer in a slightly lighter shade than the foundation can help to soften fine lines around the eyes. Lines extending from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth may be filled with a lighter shade than the foundation, therefore bringing it "out" and giving the illusion that it is not there.
I like to use either the Touche Eclat for this or Benefit's Conceal It All Stick.
Small blemishes should be covered with a concealer shade as near to the foundation shade as possible.

Which concealer works miracles for you?

Monday, 13 September 2010

How to Look Good Naked...Urban Decay style

As I've already mentioned before, I'm an absolute sucker for eyeshadow palettes. They're probably one of my favourite make-up buys and excite the hell out of me:)

Obviously when I saw the launch of Urban Decay's Naked palette there was not much else I could think about. Thus began my true test of patience in waiting for its launch here in the UK -  it's been a long and hard journey but I have prevailed...I know that all you fellow beauty bloggers will understand and have probably sailed through a similar journey countless of times:)

Anyway, Friday was a good day. Not only was it Friday but I also received the very much drooled after Naked palette. I ordered online from House of Fraser and believe that it's still currently in stock but probably won't be for long...

The palette features 12 gorgeous eyeshadows, a double-ended eyeliner in Zero (black) and Whiskey (chocolate brown) as well as a travel sized version of their famous eyeshadow primer potion.

Here's a peek :

If you're a fan of neutral eye make-up then this is an absolute must-have!!! The pigmentation is just what you'd expect from Urban Decay - awesome! Texture - the shadows are silky soft, smooth and blend effortlessly...and what about the amazing value? At £27, this palette is an absolute steal if you take into account that on average a single UD eyeshadow retails for around £12.

Oh and by the way, the very first shade Virgin looks AMAZING applied on the inner tear duct!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Skin Types and what to use

In order to maintain skin in tip top condition we need to be able to recognise what skin type we are and use products specifically designed for taking care of it.
So do you know your skin type?
If not then remove all your slap:), take a closer look in the mirror (preferably in natural daylight) and see if any of these guidelines help:

  • Normal Skin
You've been blessed!
Your skin is smooth to the touch, soft, supple and flexible. It should feel warm to the touch and have no visible pores or small pores. Normal skin will also sometimes have a tendency to be either slightly on the dry side or slightly on the greasy side.


Light cleansing creams, lotions or face wash
Toner with 10-20% alcohol content
Light moisturiser cream or lotion
All kinds of foundations - cream, mousse, oil-based liquid, cake, all in one and gel

  • Dry/dehydrated Skin
It will feel dry to the touch and can be prone to flakiness. This skin type can often be thin and dilated capillaries may be present on the nose and cheeks. Pores and follicles are often closed and inactive. The skin chaps easily and is prone to sensitivity. Lines and wrinkles may form early on with dry skin, especially around the eyes. Lacks suppleness and has a matte, uneven texture.


Cream cleanser
Low alcohol content toner or no-alcohol if prone to sensitivity as well
Cream moisturiser
Paraffin wax or non-setting mask
Cream, oil-based liquid foundations

  • Oily Skin
Looks shiny. Can have a thick texture. Pores are enlarged, congested and blackheads may be present.


Cleansing lotion or milk, facial wash or foaming gel
Toner with 20-50% alcohol content
Cleansing grains or peel
Clay-based masks
Moisturiser milk
Water-based liquid, medicated liquid and non-oily block/cake foundations

  • Combination Skin
Combination skin is a combination of two or more skin types with the most common being a greasy T-zone along the forehead and nose, with normal or dry skin on the cheek area.


Use products specifically designed for combination skin and adjust accordingly. For a greasy T-zone follow oily skin recommendations and for dry cheek areas follow dry skin recommendations. If the cheek area is normal then follow normal skin recommendations.
Cream, water-based liquid and cake foundations.

  • Sensitive Skin
Dry and pale skins are mostly prone to sensitivity. It has a highly flushed look with a tendency to colour easily and reacts to various beauty products.


Remember to check for known allergies to products.
Cream cleanser
No-alcohol toner
Cream moisturiser
Look for hypo-allergenic products

Have you found what works for your skin?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Yummy Lips

I always make sure to have a lip balm at the ready. Generally I tend to keep one in my handbag at all times, this comes in especially handy on those days where I couldn't be bothered to apply lipstick or just forget to take it along with me for touch ups.

My current handbag companion is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter.
Beware: if you ain't big into your chocolate then you might find the scent of this lip butter quite sickly. But if you're a chocoholic then this will surely delight your senses as the scent is potent.
Reminds me of a minty hot chocolate from Starbucks and the peppermint crisp chocolate bars I used to stuff my face with when I still lived in South Africa.
Although you'll be tempted to taste, there's no need for it as it isn't flavoured - I did have to check for myself:)

The lip butter is very softening and feels creamy due to its thick consistency. The addition of peppermint leaves the lips feeling a bit cold and very fresh with a tiny bit of a tingling sensation which lasts a few seconds after application.

It feels light on the lips and adds a bit of a sheen. You may use it under or over lipstick or alone for a natural and glossy look.

I'm not quite sure if it would work wonders at hydrating very chapped lips but it works a treat for keeping the lips feeling soft and fresh.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Zig-zag no more...?

I've been lured in by a gimmick in the form of a mascara. To get perfectly separated lashes that ooze length and volume, it is advisable to use a zig-zag motion when applying your mascara and to zig-zag your way from the roots of the lashes right up to the tips. This method does really work. For those who are too lazy to zig-zag or haven't mastered this technique:), Avon has introduced their new vibrating mascara called Sonic Boost which re-creates the make-up artist's zig-zag hand motion.
Avon says: 8000 vibrations a minute re-create the make-up artist's zig-zag motion for spectacular seperation, ultimate coverage and up to 6x volume.

To use:
  • pull and remove tab to activate battery
  • twist mascara cap at middle to turn the motor on
  • apply from root to tip of lashes 
  • twist cap tightly after each use to shut the motor of

My thoughts: it tickles! Or at least I find it to be incredibly ticklish. I haven't noticed any extraordinary results, have a look for yourselves:



Overall I'd say that I haven't been blown away and nothing really excites me about this mascara. I've been able to achieve similar or even better results by zig-zagging my way with various other mascaras.

Oh well, perhaps I won't fall for any more beautifying gimmicks in the future...