Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bubblegum Lips

The last thing I need is yet another lipstick. In fact, each and every time I purchase one I always promise myself that "this will be the last one - no more lipsticks"...
I do of course break this promise time and time again.
Lately I've had my eye on a shade from the Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick range and the shade that I wanted to test out is Orange Punch. Unfortunately my local chemist's didn't stock this shade and so instead of walking away I was intrigued by another colour from the range and so I bought it.

The shade is Bubblegum and it's a vibrant pink with a lilac undertone. What's great about these lipsticks is that they also contain an SPF of 15.
 This is the shade:
 and here's me wearing it:
 Although I do love this shade, I'm not quite sure as to whether or not I'm actually managing to pull it off and if it suits me...
So what do you guys think - is it a hit or a miss?


  1. It looks like Viva Glam's Gaga shade! I think the pink color is very in right now. You look very good with it; I would pair it with a deeper bronzy eye shadow or something more neutral on the eyes and cheeks because the color is more intense.

  2. That looks so good on you! I could never get away with that color.

  3. Hi, New follower here!

    Oh my! This coloor is lovely! I am a sucker for shades like so. I want it, Whats the brand? I read your blog but not sure. This color looks nice on you, wear it just how you have it on the picture; with neutral colors and not so much make up.


  4. hi guys!

    @David- next time I'll try it with more subtle eye make-up. I wanted to try it with some purple shades.

    @Olivia- thx, thx

    @Martha- the lipstick is from a brand called Collection 2000 - www.collection2000.co.uk
    I think that it might only be available in the UK.

  5. Oh what a shame if it's only available in the UK. It is gorgeous and you should continue wearing it!

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous LOVEE IT!!!!
    xoox Camille @ nevernaked.blogspot.com