Thursday, 8 July 2010

Make-up Artist Must Haves

Ever wonder what make-up brands all the big pro's out there like to work with?
I bet you do!

The market is saturated with millions and millions of beauty products and it can be quite overwhelming to find what really works. Not only is it confusing for the average consumer but it can also be a nightmare for make-up artists who are just starting out and need to build their kits. 
When I was still in the beginning stages of building my kit I did a lot research into the sort of brands that make-up artists liked working with - you know...the tried and tested products out there. 
I stumbled upon a website by the very talented and generous Emmy award winning make-up artist KJ Bennett whom together with other great artists out there compiled a list of all their tried and tested make-up must haves. 

It's quite a popular site so being the beauty lovers that you are, you've probably already stumbled upon it but I'll post a link to it for all those who aren't familiar with this fantastic and incredibly helpful beauty product resource. 
Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do and remember to bookmark it:


  1. This site is great. Can't beleive I didn't know about it. Great post. New follower xx

  2. Hi Ansa! Welcome and thank you for following! I'm glad you've found the link useful.

  3. Thanks, interesting!