Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flesh Coloured Nails

Today I opted for wearing a flesh coloured nail polish meaning that I've broken the current trend of wearing juicy, vibrant, pastel and bold colours.

However this is the shade I opt for when I just want my nails to suit whatever I happen to wear - therefore it's pretty much my 'play it safe' and 'I'm feeling lazy' shade.

I used Loreal's Resist & Shine Titanium polish in a nude shade - I have no idea what it's called but there's a number on the back of it and it's 301.
It's quick to apply and quick to dry. Goes on easily and although I could have got away with applying just one coat, I decided to go for two as it's the norm for me. The polish is quite thick and creamy but also has a tendency to flood the nail plate if you're not careful or use too much.

The polish dries to a shiny finish which is good for a nude shade such as this one because it adds a bit of life to the colour.

Can you recommend any nude/flesh coloured nail polish shades?


  1. OPI Sand in my Suit is a beautiful nude color

  2. Thanks! Will keep a lookout for it!

  3. I love nude nail polishes.
    Thanks for post. I was looking for another one.
    Xoxo, Erin.