Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Eyes Lips Face Mini Haul

Believe it or not this happens to be my very first purchase of E.L.F products. I think that up to now I have dismissed the brand partly due to the pricing, assuming that such a purse friendly brand would probably not be able to deliver anything special or that the pigmentation just wouldn't be up to par.

Despite the low prices, I decided to play it safe and only placed a tiny order just so that I could get the idea of what E.L.F products are all about.

Here's what I got:

E.L.F All over Colour Stick in Golden Peach
Golden Peach is a lovely colour but a bit too light to act as a blush on my presently fake tanned complexion - on my cheeks it looks a bit like a sparkly mess and I don't like the look and feel of it on my lips. I do think that it makes a pretty highlighter though. I still want to give Pink Lemonade a go as it looks a bit more rich in colour.

E.L.F Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Butter Pecan
These are two very creamy shades - peachy & bronze. I think that they'll work as an eyeshadow base and I can't wait to use the peachy colour as a highlight or even a blush.

E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
I'm really liking this one and already planning to get another one as backup because I see myself wearing it on a daily basis. It's a soft peachy/apricot blush and I've had it on all day today without needing to touch up. I feel that a soft peach blush is great at livening up the complexion.
I wouldn't recommend this one for darker skin types as it probably wouldn't show up and just end up looking chalky.

E.L.F Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
It's incredibly creamy, smudges easily upon application but stays put once dried. This is a dark brown shade without any shimmer to it and I used it today for defining my eyebrows.

Well I'm definitely eager to try out a couple of more items such as the Pink Lemonade All over colour stick, the studio blush in Candid Coral and a lipstick or two from the mineral range.

What are your E.L.F favourites and recommendations?


  1. I love ELF! Although I will agree that some of their products are prone to smudging or creasing. It's a shame that they don't sell their entire line in stores so we can't try them out. In my honest opinion, I'd stick with the products from the Studio Line and/or the Mineral line; the regular ELF line tends to be a little lower performance. I can't live without my Complexion Perfection, Bronzing Powder or Complexion Brush all from the Studio Line, and all $3

  2. I also like the nailpolishes.. If you apply 2 layers and a top coat they stay on very nicely & the colours are just like the displayed ones..

    I'm doing a review on the colours one of these days, check it out ;)