Friday, 9 July 2010

Bath and Shower Indulgence

Yesterday and today I indulged in some LUSH.
Fabulous...that probably sums it up best.

So let me tell you what I used.

I popped in this You've Been Magoed melt into the bath last night.

I put in the whole bar. It melted quite quickly and engulfed the whole bathroom in its citric scent. It didn't really smell like mango all that much but fruity nonetheless. It made the water feel super soft and silky, with the scent lingering on through the entire bathing session.
It softened, moisturised and scented my skin. There's actually no need for any moisturiser following a bath in this melt as it leaves the skin feeling very soft and creamy.

Today I indulged yet again! In the shower. I used this Too Drunk emotibomb.

You're meant to pop this into the shower when you've got a hangover. Although I don't have a hangover I wanted to try this anyway as I will probably never have a hangover cause I can't stand the taste of alcohol and never drink.
This emotibomb is a great pick-me-up and really helps clear a stuffy nose (I suffer with bad hayfever). I really love this shower bomb - it smells so minty. Unfortunately the scent doesn't linger and disappears once the emotibomb has melted.
But it's still worth it.

I also used Honey I Washed the Kids soap:
Smells delicious - like toffees. It's incredibly creamy and I even used it on my face and I never bring a soap near my face. It got my make-up off and surprisingly did not leave my skin feeling tight. However I'll treat using it on my face as a one off thing. The honey comb on top fell off immediately so I had two soaps to use - the honey comb lathers up beautifully and can act as a gentle exfoliator.
You will need to refrain from eating this one and I really can't get over the creaminess of it - it's like butter!

What LUSH goodies have you indulged in lately?


  1. I've run out of all my lush products and there isn't one near me right now! I do love Honey i washed the kids though!

  2. hi agatha, what exactly does a beaut therapist do?

  3. Hi Amber, A beauty therapist offers various beauty treatments - for example I've been trained in doing Facials, manicures & pedicures, make-up, waxing, eyebrow & eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping, eyelash perming, nail art and spray tan application.
    Thx for the question & for visiting my blog!

  4. love those products by lush!!
    you should check out my blog! follow back?

  5. @GiveMeFashionNow - thx for following! Following your blog too!

  6. awesome i am a cosmetologist and I was wondering what the difference is. You basically do everything but hair, that's way cool! It will be nice to have another professional to refer to :) I also do a beauty blog as well

  7. Hi Amber, I just signed up as a follower on your blog - I'm going to find it very useful as I'm really crap with hair:)