Tuesday, 1 June 2010

White to Brown

A couple of months ago I attended a spray tanning course and the tan being used was called White to Brown. I hadn't heard of it before but was incredibly impressed with the results - it gave the most natural looking golden brown tan ever.

I recently purchased a couple of products from the White to Brown range - the exfoliator, body wash, self tanner and a tan extending cream. These products use an ideal pH balance which allows them to work in harmony with the DHA in tanning products in order to optimise your tan.
 I love the colour result which is achieved with this tanner - a very natural looking golden brown shade. The tanner is a creamy lotion so it doesn't leave my skin feeling overly dry and because it is of a very dark shade, it gives you instant colour and you can see exactly where it is being applied.
 The tan develops over a period of 6-8 hours. I like to apply it at night time after a bath or shower and to  leave it on overnight to really get the tan to develop.
I'd say that the best time to apply this self-tan would be at night time or on a day off because it's crucial that you avoid any sweating or contact with water during the tan's development time. Also the top layer of the tan is just the colour guide which will rub off on your clothes that's why it's best to wear something dark and loose fitting.
Whenever you bath or shower, the top layer of the colour will be washed off leaving you with your golden brown tan. The tan has a pleasant scent to it but I have noticed a bit of the irritating "fake tan" scent once it is fully developed. Luckily this scent isn't over-powering; in fact I can actually only smell it when I stick my nose really close to the skin...which isn't bad cause you have to wash the tan off once it's developed meaning that the subtle stink doesn't stick around for long.
I've started applying my whitetobrown tan with a mitt, I used to use disposable gloves but find the mitt much easier to work with and feel that it does a better job of buffing the product into the skin and gives more of an even application.

I manage to maintain keeping my skin a golden colour for about 5 to 7 days but this includes using the tan extending cream every other day or sometimes even daily. How long a tan lasts will vary from person to person and everyone's own personal skin type and beauty routine.

Here are a couple of tips for extending the life of your tan:
  • always exfoliate prior to fake tan application
  • don't apply any creams, oils, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc, to your skin prior to fake tan application as this will just act as a barrier
  • avoid excessive sweating while the tan is developing
  • avoid contact with water during development time
  • no swimming pools (chlorine will bleach the colour)
  • try not to touch the skin during development time as this may stain the palms of your hands
  • on the initial removal of the tan merely buff off the excess colour or use a body wash designed specifically to be used with your fake tan - so avoid using shower gels, shampoos, etc
  • don't exfoliate within the first week
  • after bathing or showering, skin should be patted dry with a towel and not rubbed vigorously
  • use tan extenders or gradual tanning creams
  • keep the body well moisturised
  •  excessive spraying of perfume onto the body will cause drying of the skin and reduce the longevity of your tan
White to Brown products are not tested on animals.

Here's a link to their website: www.whitetobrown.com

Have you tried the white to brown self-tanner yet?

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