Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rimmel Colour Mousse Eye Shadow

It was only last week that I purchased my first pot of Rimmel Colour Mousse Eye Shadow - where have I been?! The thing is that I don't normally buy drugstore eyeshadows just because I'm used to buying them online and sticking to my good old trusted brands such as Smashbox or  buying them from suppliers of stage make-up. In addition to this I hardly ever looked twice at the cream and mousse type shadows on offer just because I assumed that they'd be a creasing nightmare.

Taking advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offers I purchased four pots of the Rimmel Mousse shadows because the colours and texture of the mousse was just too good to resist.
I'm over the moon with my purchase and totally in love with these metallic pots of wonder - in fact it's the only eyeshadow I've been wearing since buying it so I've really put the lasting power of the mousses to the test - they promise to stay on for 8hrs - I'll reveal all so read on...

The mousse comes in a little glass jar with a black screw top lid.
Although the pot is quite small, it holds quite a lot of mousse and taking into account the fact that you only need to use the tiniest amount of product per application, this pot should last ages.
The texture of the mousse reminds me of whipped cream. 
Application is a dream and and you really can't go wrong with it especially cause there is no product fallout. You can apply it with either a brush or your fingers.
It glides on with ease, is easy to blend and upon application it feels very cool and refreshing on the eyelids. However I did notice that when I applied more than one coat my eyelids started to sting a little bit - just for a few seconds.

The mousse takes only a couple of seconds to dry so be sure to do any blending or to clean up any smudges fairly quickly. Also, allow the mousse to dry before applying eyeliner and mascara.

The mousse provides a very glamorous look with it's metallic shine and is foil like in appearance.

Here are some swatches (from left to right): Glitz, Sassy, Mocha, Galaxy
Just one layer of the softer more neutral shades such as Glitz or Sassy are very chic and perfect for a daytime look while Mocha and Galaxy are great for creating a glamorous evening look.

As for the staying power of these eyeshadows - AMAZING!
They really do live up to their 8 hr promise and stay on even longer than that, looking just as fresh and metallic as when they were applied.  They don't crease, smudge or fade. Last absolutely the whole day without fading or having to reapply.

I did put them through the ultimate test these last two days -
On day one I applied the mousse morning time and spent the day doing some work and then lots of the usual household chores - cooking, cleaning, washing up, etc, there was even a little mid-afternoon siesta squeezed in there yet the eyeshadow hadn't budged.
Day two of the ultimate test - applied in the morning - spent most of the day outdoors - walks with my dog, cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, getting my legs waxed...etc - not a crease in sight.

I really do feel that these are worth a try.
Which mousse/cream eyeshadows do you recommend?


  1. I'm always a little paranoid about liquid-ish eye makeup "sliding" into my eye. The "Sassy" shade is calling out to me, though...


  2. great find! Sassy looks pretty good, I might have to give these a bit of a try soon! Its great to find another blogger from N.Ireland!! :D xx

  3. Hi, I wrote a review about these too :) check it out ;)