Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Freedom from Frizz

Avon's come out with a new product called Lotus Shield which promises to end all your bad hair days by keeping frizz at bay.

Here's what Avon has to say about its most effective frizz treatment:
Our 1st frizz treatment to last through 2 washes. Works even in 97% humidity. Works even after your hair gets wet.
Formulated with Lotus Shield Technology, to help form a protective lightweight barrier that holds up even in humid weather. Lightweight, leave-in serum, instantly helps smooth and tame, then lasts through two washes.

The serum contains hydro-phobic micro particles which form a barrier helping to repel water, just like a lotus leaf does and this repels moisture and defies humidity.

For maximum results it is best to use the serum along with the Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner.
You simply wash and condition your hair as usual and then apply the Lotus Shield serum to damp hair, dry and style as normal.

The serum leaves your hair smelling beautifully and does not make your hair greasy or sticky. I hate it whenever a leave in hair product weighs your hair down making it look all greasy and flat - well this serum won't. It left my hair feeling very soft and very manageable. I also decided not to wear my hood whenever it rained last week just to give it a good testing and it passed the test. My hair did not turn all static and frizzy as it normally would when wet.

Although Avon states that this serum fights frizz even after 2 washes, I find myself needing to apply it after every wash in order to be frizz free - but that could just be my hair...

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