Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bronzed and Tropical

I've been using Hawaiian Tropic Self Tan Creme for two weeks now and it has officially become a Holy Grail product for me. It provides a very natural looking golden tan and does not turn you orange.

This self-tan has an incredibly creamy and rich texture, glides smoothly onto the skin, moisturising it for up to 12 hours. I'd say that this is more of a gradual tanning cream as it builds and maintains your tan when applied daily and does not dry the skin out like most self-tanners.
In fact it leaves your skin feeling very soft and smooth - and I can't get over the creaminess of this tanner - such a pleasure to apply.
The cream is white in colour so it doesn't provide an instant tan. I apply it after taking a bath or shower the way I would any ordinary cream so I'm not actually very diligent in my application - just use sparingly around the knees, elbows, ankles - I also don't use any gloves nor a mitt - I apply it with my hands and just wash my palms following application.
The scent of this tan is perfect for the summer season as it smells deliciously tropical - so no awful fake tan scent present!

I've noticed Boots selling it for £13.99 but you can buy it from Gordon's Chemist for £3.99 - I'm very confused as to this difference in the retail price but have obviously been getting mine from Gordon's.

Please let me know if you've used it and what you think - I've been loving it as a daily moisturiser that keeps my skin soft, giving it a healthy looking colour.

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