Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Get your pins out!

If you're still keeping your pins wrapped up beneath long trousers afraid to let them see the light of day, worried that their pale pastiness will blind those around you then fear not and read on.

A great product that I've recently discovered is Avon Skin so Soft Age-Defying + Flawless Legs which will set you back a fiver and is available in two shades to accommodate Fair/Medium and Medium/Dark skin tones.
It serves the same purpose as the ever popular Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs meaning that it acts as a foundation for the legs giving instant coverage and covering up imperfections.

Avon says: Instantly provides coverage and a smooth, even, flawless looking finish. Legs have a more toned, youthful and sensual appearance. Dermatologically tested.

So how does it compare to the cult beauty must-have product that is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs?
Pretty well actually. It adds instant coverage, minimises the appearance of any skin imperfections, provides legs with more of a firmer appearance and does a great job of disguising shave rashed legs.

While Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs comes in an aerosol can and has a very thin and liquidy consistency, Avon's Skin so Soft Age-Defying + Flawless Legs comes in a 150ml tube and is more of a thick and creamy consistency. The application process for both products is the same:
You place some product onto the palm of your hand and massage into the legs until evenly applied. Wash hands after use, allow the product to dry before dressing. To remove you simply wash your legs with soap and water.

Avon Skin so Soft Age-Defying + Flawless Legs blends really well into the skin as the creaminess of the product allows for an easy fuss-free application and gives a lovely soft feel to the legs.

Which one do I prefer to use? They're both great products that give similar results but I'll have to say that I'll probably stick to Avon's version and that is largely due to the creamy nature of the product.
Will I be repurchasing? Oh hell yeah! It's a life saver that adds instant colour to your legs, covers up a multitude of sins and is especially fab for girls on the go who couldn't be bothered with sweating over the process of achieving a perfect tan - be it fake or real.

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  1. thank you for the info....i've been serching for an alternative to MAC's mousse for legs that they used to sell...i just hope its dark enough for me