Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Multi Pencil

Now you know how I love a multi-tasker...but hey who doesn't. A while back Avon released a creamy pencil with a lip & cheek colour at one end and an eye colour at the other. These are coordinated shades for the eyes, lips and cheeks which are supposed to help busy ladies achieve a complete day look using just one pencil. They come in three shades: Twice the Spice, Sugar Plum and Rose Petal. I own the Sugar Plum one which is basically a berry like pink shade for the lips and cheeks and a very light, pearly colour for the eyes.

I am very impressed with the lip/cheek part of the pencil as it has a very very smooth, creamy consistency and applies like a dream. I love using it as a lip liner as well as a lipstick. It goes on like buttah - I couldn't believe it. It feels very light on the lips and very moisturising.
This shade also looks sort of glossy on the lips so it's not just a flat colour. Works great on the cheeks as well and is long lasting on the cheeks. The lasting power on the lips isn't that great so be ready for frequent applications which isn't a problem considering how easily the colour goes on. This particular shade gives the lips a natural sort of 'just bitten' stain when wearing off.

I'm less impressed with the eye end of the pencil though. Unfortunately it doesn't offer the smooth application as it's lip/cheek counterpart. The eye colour tugs on the eyelids and thus makes application unpleasant. I also particularly don't like it as an eyelid colour and prefer to use it as a highlighter and also in the inner corners of the eyes.
I will probably get through the lip/cheek part of the pencil rather quickly and am keen on getting the other two shades as well - even if it's just for the lip/cheek colours - and who knows...perhaps the eye colours on Twice the Spice & Rose Petal will be easier to work with.
Fingers crossed!

Here's me sporting the Multi Pencil in Sugar Plum on my lips, cheeks and the inner corners of my eyes:

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