Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Avon's New Summer Must - Have item

Avon has just introduced a couple of summer must-have items one of which is the New Pro Brow Enhancer which is available in two shades: Light Brown & Dark Brown. The Pro Brow Enhancer resembles a concealer pen and has a rubber bristled tip as can be seen on the picture below -

Avon says: Enhance your brows to help them frame your face. Gently tinted gel helps define and control brows, whilst the micro-fibres fill in sparse areas.

Now I'm all into defining the eyebrows and that's exactly why I had very high hopes for this product & hence purchased both shades. The dark brown is a brown tinted gel containing dark brown fibres which look like tiny eyebrow hairs (kind of disgusting actually) & the light brown is a clear or a bit yellowish looking gel with very light micro-fibres.
To apply you need to turn the dial which will release the gel like formula and then you sweep it through your brows. The super-fine fibres suspended in light gel are meant to enhance the brows and keep them neat.

My verdict: Personally I just don't get this product and will be sticking with my good old eyebrow pencils, gel and shadow liners. I found this gel quite hard to apply and feel that the tip of the pen is no good for application as it just creates a mess. I ended up with very dirty looking brows. The light brown gel didn't do anything for my brows either apart from making them look wet. I will say though that the gel is quite long lasting as my dirty looking brows remained dirty looking throughout the day.
Momentarily I've put the product away and will probably give it another shot in a day or two...maybe I'll master the art of application or it will grow on me.
The special introductory brochure price for it is £5 but it will normally cost £6. 

Please let me know if you've tried this out and if I'm missing something here?

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  1. I was going to order this, but now I think I shall pass....