Sunday, 28 March 2010

Super pigmented, matte eyeshadow palettes

Good matte eyeshadows are very difficult to come by which is a pity as matte textures are more forgiving as they don't emphasize lines and wrinkles. They're also great to use for everyday wear or when having photographs taken for you won't end up looking like a sparkly mess.

Suppliers of theatrical make-up offer a wide variety of matte palettes with superb pigmentation.
You do need to master the art of being light handed when using these products as well as tapping excess product off your brush prior to applying it to the face cause you might end up looking rather clown like...

So if you're into your palettes and dense pigmentation then read on as this might prove to be a bit of a treat...

Ben Nye Pressed Colour Palette

Ben Nye offers sleek eyeshadow/blush palettes that won't break the bank. The eyeshadow and blush pans are of a generous size (more of a blush sized pan), they have a smooth texture and are incredibly pigmented. One quick dip of the brush into a shadow pan is all you need for great colour pay off and then remember to blend, blend, blend...

Grimas Palette

Grimas makes fantastic eyeshadow/rouge, lipstick and foundation palettes. What's great about them is that you can have a lot of product and still save space as you can stack them on top of each other - sort of like a tower! They have a variety of pre-made eyeshadow palettes to choose from, most of them are matte but they do offer a pearlescent one as well. Just as with the Ben Nye shadows, these too are super pigmented so apply with caution.

Kryolan Palette
This sort of palette comes with an assortment of either 10 or 20 eyeshadow/rouge colours. The tin like container resembles a pencil box and is pretty durable - I've dropped mine once or twice and nothing's happened to the shadows - but still do not try this at home:)
The shadow pans are also of a generous size and very soft and smooth. They do however have a fragrance about them - nothing unpleasant but it might irritate those who'd rather have scent-free make-up. I'd say that out of the three palettes, this one has eyeshadows with more of a buildable coverage as some of the lighter shades have more of a sheer coverage.

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