Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mini Body Shop Purchase

The Body Shop has come out with a couple of new products for their spring collection. One of the products that I was keen on trying out was the new Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush in Golden Coral as I'm mad about using coral shades throughout spring and summer.

The blush comes in a little white, round, compact container with a cute mirror on top. Upon opening the blush, you're faced with a sponge applicator which is coated in the blush colour.
The sponge is very soft and has a spring like effect. You apply the blush by pressing the stamp to the apple of the cheek and then blending out the product with a blusher brush.
The coral shade is a lovely and fresh peachy colour (I'm wearing it in the picture).

 I am also very impressed with the staying power of this blush as it looks just as vibrant and fresh at the end of the day as it did when applied in the morning time - and this is without using a make-up setting spray! This blush retails for £10.

The other thing I bought (this isn't part of the spring collection) was a Vanilla Perfume Oil.

If you like the smell of vanilla essence and cookie dough then you're going to love this scent. I dab some of it onto my neck and wrists and then rub some into my hair and clothes. The scent isn't very over-powering, it just lingers around you very softly and you can smell it whenever you move around - yummy! The price is £6.50 for a tiny 15ml bottle but it will last forever.
The scent isn't that long-lasting so be prepared to re-apply at least once throughout the day. But this isn't a major set back as the bottle is so small that you could even carry it around in your pocket.

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