Saturday, 6 March 2010

Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation

Leichner foundation is a professional foundation used by Photographic studio's, Television, Theatre and by professional Make up artists worlwide.
I had read a lot of very positive reviews about this foundation and decided to give it a try. I bought my first tub a couple of months ago and decided that I wanted more!

I'm soooo hooked.
I feel that it is absolutely perfect for my skin - I have normal skin which ocassionally can get a little dehydrated/dry or just be dull looking. Leichner foundation has a very rich and creamy consistency. I'd say that it is very similar in texture to rich moisturisers such as Nivea or Dove.
It comes in a little 30ml tub and will probably last ages as very little product goes a long way.

In order to obtain a sheer coverage only a little bit of product needs to be used, but you can build up the coverage as you need. For a natural daytime look you must apply it sparingly and work it well over the skin. Should you get too liberal with the application, you will achieve a heavy and mask like effect - it is afterall a foundation designed to be used for photography and the stage.

Although it is necessary to powder the face following application due to the fact that it is a rather greasy foundation, I don't tend to powder just because I like the sort of glowy/dewy finish that it adds to my skin. But bear in mind that my skin isn't in the least bit shiny. Persons with oily skins probably wouldn't be too pleased with this product. I would only use this foundation on mature clients or clients with dry or dehydrated skin types.

When my sister saw this foundation and tried it out she too decided to purchase one for herself. She has very dry, sensitive skin and is a regular at the dermatologist's but finds that it works for her and is already planning on stocking up. Her boyfriend's hooked as well (he plays in a band and thus likes his make-up) - says it makes his skin feel extremely moisturised.

For me personally Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation & the Temptu silicone based foundation are currently my faves.
Has anyone out there given it a try? What did you think? I'm really curious to know!

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